Ticket for One

Before I get into my usual inane banter, may I just say the following?

Loved ones of mine need to stop getting hurt. Physically, mentally, all of it. IMMEDIATELY. All of these lovely, beautiful people I love keep getting crushed. Just CRUSHED. It’s horrible. I feel like there are bombs going off all around me. If any of you out there can make this stop happening to my peeps, that would be most helpful.

Now back to our regularly scheduled stupidness.

I had a day off on Friday, and I didn’t make any plans for the day. Because of all the aforementioned stuff, I really, really wanted to just stay home all day in pajamas and watch movies. I also knew that if I did that, I would just feel crap by the end of the day. So I stayed in my pajamas for most of the morning (Adventures in Babysitting was on, so obviously I had to), and then I got myself together and took myself on a date to the SciFi Museum.

Who takes a perfectly free Friday and goes on a one-person date to the SciFi Museum? Geek alert!

These are among the things I saw on my date with yours truly.

1. Ernie and Bert. And they looked sort of huge in person. I think that if I had met them when I was a kid, they would have scared me. And yes, I realize that I just said “met” like I actually had a conversation with them. I just want to believe that they are real because the sight of them in a glass box was sort of sad. Oh shut up, I know it’s weird.
2. Kermit the Frog. He looked old and tired.
3. At the part of the exhibit that had stuff from The Dark Crystal, there were two hipsters around my age that were rolling their eyes and saying “What the fuck is this? I have never even HEARD of this movie!” which sort of galled me.
4. The Mah-na Mah-na muppets. I was way too excited about seeing them.
5. Really cool experimental short films by Jim Henson. That dude was wacky, way beyond puppetry, and I love it.
6. Awesome sketches and drawings.
7. Everyone in the entire place taking photos of everything while standing among nine billion signs that said “No Photography Please.” No one got busted. I wanted to take photos too, but I obeyed the signs despite everyone around me. This just proves that if I am ever in a looting mob, I am not getting a tv or anything.
8. Michael Jackson’s sequined glove.

Wait a minute, I bet you’re wondering why that last one is in there. Although the thought of Michael Jackson paraphenalia being on display in the SciFi Museum is awesome, and to think of him as actually being a muppet is even more so, it wasn’t in that museum. The Seattle SciFi Museum is connected to the EMP (the Experience Music Project), which is a music museum. If you pay admission to one, you get to go in the other if you want. Listen, I know it doesn’t makes sense that these two things are connected. I just report the facts, I don’t make them.

After the museum, I went to the Seattle Center fountain and watched the kids go apeshit. I highly recommend that.

My date with myself was pretty successful, I think. Except for the fact that no one on the date got felt up or anything.


  1. I had a date with myself today too. I went to a movie and out to lunch. I like dating myself because I can do all the things I like without any discussion at all.

  2. How could they diss The Dark Crystal!?! That movie was the craziest thing I may have ever seen and I was allowed to watch it as a very young youngster. I was in love with the idea of being a Gelfling, and the Skeksis scared the BEJESUS out of me. Loved it! It totally deserves it's own exhibit.

  3. Yes… I vote for the bombs to stop. Geee-ZUS! Anyway, that music experience place… some dude on the food network was just making that building out of cake. It was quite humorous considering that building is all wavy and shit. Right? Isn't it the really colorful, wavy building?

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