It sounds even better if you say "alky-hall."

Friday listy loo, Friday listy la….

1. Nordic Boy and I witnessed a drunken conversation this week where a man kept saying, in response to his friend’s drunken behavior: “I don’t know why she was acting that way! I think it’s just because she was doin’ the alcohol! She was just doin’ the alcohol!” This has quickly become the phrase of the week. You can use it in many situations. If you see someone trip, you can say “what’sa matter with you? Have you been doin’ the alcohol?” Or if you want to meet your friends for a beer, you can say “would you ladies like to join me in doin’ the alcohol?” I advise you all to adopt this phrase, for me, please.

2. This phrase also makes me think of the song “Doin’ the Pigeon,” which was sung by Bert from Sesame Street on a disco album from my youth. Oh my god, did I just make that up? Because that don’t sound right, but I am positive that I have heard this song. Hold on…

Oh, youtube, how I love thee.

I had that song in disco version on a little album I owned as a child called “Sesame Street Fever.” Jellus?

3. Seattle has gone back to gloomy gray skies, and people are all skippety doo dah about it. I live in a weird place, you guys.

4. I have some time off coming up in September, and I was going to use it to go visit my folks again in Michigan. But I forgot to tell them that was my plan and so they went and made some other plans without me, so now I am not going anywhere. DANG. I really, really, really want to take a trip somewhere, or have someone come visit me. I don’t think anyone is coming to visit me (hint, hint, friends who are reading this), and now I don’t know if I have time to plan a trip to see them. PHOOEY.

5. Are the Jonas Brothers like, 12 years old? They seem 12. For a long time now.

6. John Hughes died, and I am stating right now that I cannot go through another retrospective this year, ok? I am done with dying famous people and clip shows and commentaries about them. Until 2010. I need a break.

7. Have a great weekend. Beware your behavior if you are doin’ the alcohol.


  1. I also had the disco Sesame Street record!!! Also, I think it is funny that you like "crispy" sheets vs. "crisp" sheets. Are you laying on a bed of Pringles?

  2. It must be a thing that people around our age do – YouTube-ing old Sesame Street songs. I was doing that a couple of weeks back and found Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo to sleep ('Time to Say Goodnight') – a few buddies and i had a good ol' laugh at that, it's sooo sweet though!

  3. I'm absolutely adopting "doing the alcohol!" As a matter of fact I just may do some alcohol today (my MIL is coming for a visit!)

  4. If you can get to the Dordogne region of France by 8th September you can come camping with me and Wavey…it's a 3 man tent, with porch no less, so plenty space……chortle chortle

  5. Come on down to Atlanta, LG! It's nice and sizzling hot down here so you would love it (mid 90's today). Me? Not so much. I'm jealous of your cool weather.My ex-husband was doin' the alky-hall constantly because he was an alky-hall-ick. Unfortunately, it also caused him to be doin' the pee-pee in my closet sometimes. Ugh.

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