There were so many to choose from…

Are you friends with any of your ex-boy-or-girlfriends? I am, with two. I’ve been friends with them for years and they are still funny, still great people, but I don’t have any idea why I ever dated them. Two more wrong-for-me people I cannot imagine. And I am sure they feel the same way about me. Ah youth. Isn’t it all about dating the wrong people? I am so glad that we are still friends though. Because now I can have conversations like the following that crack me up.

(when talking about a work situation)
Ex: You really weren’t mad about that?
Me: Why would I be mad about it? That’s not something to get mad about.
Ex: What would a situation be that would really make you lose your temper?
Me: I lose my temper sometimes.
Ex: But, like SCREAM at someone. Have you ever screamed at someone?
Me: Um, yeah. I screamed at you once.
Ex: You did? I don’t remember that. Why did you scream at me?
Me: Because you were being a dick to me.
Ex: Yeah, but which time?

Then he realized what he had just said and we busted a nut laughing.


  1. I am a love-'em and leave-'em kind of gal. I am not friends with any exes, and I can't think of a single one I wish I was still friends with. Frankly, I had the kind of bad taste in men you normally find in girls with very low self esteem.Josh is friends with ALL of his exes. In fact, he'd dated half the people who came to our wedding.

  2. I stayed friends with mine for a little while after the break-ups, but we've drifted apart and got on with our lives. I'm only still friends with one because he was my best friend before the relationship and still is – it just didn't work out that way, is all!

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