Girl don’t play the fool, now

My outdoor thermostat reads 104 degrees in my city today. I fear all of my friends will just be puddles of water by the end of the day, like Frosty the Snowman was at the end of that Christmas special. (And how messed up was that cartoon, by the way? Merry Christmas kids! Your friend will die when the season is over. Ho ho ho!) I will be fine though. There is a reason that my friends used to sing “Cold Hearted Snake” to me in high school. And it wasn’t because I was a loverboy at play.

Our house, can I just brag to you please, is so pleasant, temperature-wise. All that energy-saving, insulating, eco housing mumbo jumbo that Nordic Boy is always spouting off about? OMG, it TOTES WORKS, you guys. It is a frickin’ inferno outside, but in our house, it is easy breezy beautiful, no AC required. It’s a lovely thing.

So yesterday, I had a meeting across town. My job often requires that I be pretty mobile- it is not unusual for me to have to be in two, maybe three different locations within the course of my day. Nordic Boy’s job is the same way. This requires us to drive a lot more than either of us cares to. I am not a big fan of driving. I would much rather walk, or bike, or ride public transportation. Driving somewhere is at the bottom of my list of preferences (although I do love me a road trip). But because I have to get places in a timely manner, I have to drive. Yesterday morning, as I was getting ready to drive across town, I thought to myself “what if my car crapped out? Wouldn’t that be a kick in the balls?” I drove to my meeting, and then afterward, I got in my car, and it refused to start. Dudes, I totally did that with MY MIND, I just know it. I thought about my car crapping out, and then it did. It was like The Secret! Oprah was right! Although, I think the point of The Secret is to think about something good happening and then that happens to you. Which is bullshit because I think about winning the lottery almost daily and that shit has not come to pass. So I guess my forte is to to do The Secret in reverse. Just my luck.

In other news, I have rediscovered popsicles. I hadn’t had a popsicle since I was a wee lass, and I bought some the other day, and oh my god, popsicles kind of rock. Why are there not popsicle boutiques? We’ve got the trendy cupcake stores, and the upscale doughnuts, and hand dipped ice cream, and gelato, and now custard. We need popsicle stands! I demand popsicle stands! (I get very bossy when it comes to popsicles).

That’s about it. Oh hey, did I ever show this to you? It’s a table top sculpture that I saw at a flea market. Aren’t you shocked that I didn’t buy this?

My favorite part is the guy coming out of the bathroom zipping up his fly.


  1. I am the popscicle queen. Josh has actually put a limit on the abount of popsicles I am allowed to consume in a day. Well, not really a limit, he has established time limits on popsicle consumption. And I comply because he is really looking out for my best interests.

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