You should totally meet your blog friends

I think I’m going to have to quote Inigo Montoya on this one.

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

1. I am on the last leg of the Midwest Extravaganza of ’09 and it has been the raddest trip ever. Fuck Paris, Rome, Cancun. This shit is phun.
2. I had delicious Blue Moon ice cream that was made by students in the University of Wisconsin agriculture program. I think I might just take up arms to defend the sanctity of that ice cream. If there ever turns out to be an ice cream war. I also ate some delicious green bean concoction at Kabul’s Afghani restaurant in Madison. If you are a fan of eating, you should go there.
3. Lest you think my whole trip centered around food, there were other memorable moments to be had. Most notable for me was meeting blog friends for the first time, and oh the cherry was popped in a most satisfying manner. (Too much? I think that was maybe too much).
4. First on deck, there was Leah, her hubster Justin, and Annie. Leah and Annie have read this here blog, and Justin I’m sure was there for the vittles. Never mind that he didn’t know me, and never mind that I was in a complete daze from being on a plane all day. Everyone pretended that I was bright-eyed and gregarious, which was mighty neighborly of them. And everyone there was about twenty-three kinds of awesome. They really were. I wished I could have a second friend-date, especially when I was, you know, not brain-fried. They were just kind, funny, genuine people. Yay blog friend inaugural!
5. Next up, the ladies behind the blogs The Astounding Adventures of the Pop Quiz Kid and The Life of a Lovechild. If I weren’t phone-blogging I would totally link to them but I can’t be bothered to figure that shit out so you’ll just have to look over in the sidebar there. Anyhoo. These two ladies also rocked my socks. Hilarious, first of all. And once again I am fairly certain that if we lived near each other we would be kicking it on the regular, as the kids like to say. If those kids lived in 1992, that is. As far as blog friends go, they also knocked it out of the park.
6. Lastly, it was Berg with Fries and the Maiden Metallurgist. Two finer bloggers are not to be found, yes? How could the blog awesomeness measure up to any in-person awesomeness? It can’t, right? Wrong-o, buster. They were all of their fabulousness, plus more. I sort of wish I had a horrifying, embarrassing blog friend date story to tell you, but what can I say? My blog taste, it is perfection.
7. I also saw many a pal that I know from outside of blogland, including my college roommate and my childhood doppleganger. They are also The Shit.
8. Basically this whole blog is about how my friends are way cool. Certainly way cooler than I am. I am a coat-tail rider and I am unashamed.
9. Now I am typing this blog on my phone while I lie in a hammock in my parents’ backyard after being stuffed with an absurd amount of homemade cinammon rolls.

I love vacation. And blog friends who materialize into real friends. And vacation. And cinammon rolls. And hammocks. And vacation.


  1. Best blogger meet up ever!!! Maddie and I can't stop talking about wet bread and crapping our pants at the supermarket. Or maybe that's just me.

  2. We made it through the wilderness, somehow, we made it throu-ooh-ooh! 'Twas an honor to take part in the first blog friend date of your vacation. Cheers to many more, I hope to find myself in Seattle one of these days!

  3. Funny. I'm heading to Wisconsin (my own home state) on Tuesday. Of course, my little trippy-poo will be filled with in-laws on a lake. Still…I'm looking forward to it!

  4. geez. the shy girl always gets around to talking eventually. she knows shes a baby you don't got to let her diaper rot. bad parenting tisk tisk. <333333 xoxo

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