MC Biskizzy

So busy around here. Must list.

1. I’m about to go on a little tripsie and I’m wondering what to do about the blog. I’m thinking of just blogging from my phone, but I’ve never done that before. Is it a pain in the ass? It sounds like a pain in the ass. So votes, please. Phone blogging, yes or no?

2. Wow, I almost put myself into a coma with list item #1. I am so fascinating, you guys.

3. Speaking of my phone, I was talking to Nordic Boy on the phone the other day and the traffic noise on the street where I was standing was really, really loud. And the street where he was was very, very loud. Our conversation went like this.
Me: We have to get something from the store for dinner tonight.
Him: Ok. You want (traffic noise) to go get it after work?
Me: No, I want you to come with me!
Him: I said do you want (traffic noise) to go get it?
Me: No!!! I want us to go together!!

This went on for three rounds. All along, he was saying “do you want me to come with you to go get it?” And I kept screaming at him that no, I wanted him to come with me. Ah, life in the big city. It makes me even more lovable.

4. I want to move to the land of So You Think You Can Dance. Really. The awesomeness is too much to handle. It sort of blows my mind that there is ART on tv, and on everloving FOX on top of it. I mean, what’s next? ABC plays “The Skin of Our Teeth” after Grey’s Anatomy? I watch the show and I picture John and Bertha America watching it on their couch and they have never seen live arty dance before in their lives and they are all the sudden watching this?????

Yes, they are.

Or this????

An American In Paris mixed with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

How can you even ARGUE with that, is all I’m saying. Not that you are arguing with that. And if you are, then you are just clearly not my people and we never need to speak of this again.

5. Speaking of tv, why is the Fashion Show on Bravo so lame? Lame, lame, lame. Sorry Isaac. Like your Target stuff.

6. I had a total oldster “Get Off My Lawn” moment yesterday. Some fratty boys were walking down my street, and one of them was carrying a watermelon (this sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it?). In the midst of their disgusting frat roughhousing with each other, they dropped the watermelon. Do they clean it up? Hardly. Do they leave it on the sidewalk and keep stepping? Not that either. No, they decided to take the pieces of shattered watermelon and throw it at each other. Which, ok, fine. Whatever. But they did it with my parked car between them. And the pieces of watermelon hit my car, like a billion times. It seriously looks like someone puked watermelon all over my car right now. What the hell, dudes? Maybe I should just be grateful that it isn’t actual puke on my car, you know, considering the source.

7. I overheard someone in the library call another person a “noodle” in irritation. I kind of love that person.


  1. Kayla and Kupono are my favorites! I can't believe they were in the damn bottom and the girl in the alien suit was safe. I also love Brandon and Jeanette. Ditto on The Fashion Show sucking. Apparently I am only capable of talking about teevee shows…

  2. I think doing online stuff with a phone is a big pain, but I want you to do it anyway, because I'd miss your blog if you didn't.I never, ever thought I'd watch something like SYTYCD – but I did, and do, and love, love, love it. I *loved* that dance with Evan and Randi! And it helped me find out about that awesome band, Koop. Musical group? They use samples, are they still a band? They rock, regardless.I've had similar thoughts about Fox, but more in a "am I funding their 'news' division by watching this?" way.

  3. My only problem with SYTYCD is that it makes me think I can dance. Which is soooo not true. I agree The Fashion Show sucketh. It makes me miss Tim Gunn and Heidi's inconsistent accent.

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