Teens and Tim and Library Goodness

As all bloggers know, there are a lot of junky solicitations that we get asking us to mention this or that on our blogs. I know that you appreciate that although I do many annoying things here, I do not all of a sudden start to wax poetic about the latest schick lady razor or whatever. I don’t read any blogs that actually do that sort of thing, do you? If no one is doing it, then why do companies and organizations keep asking?

Anyhoo. I’m going to break from my no-promoting policy (oh, yes, I’m pretending that I have policies) because I got an email asking me to mention something that I am actually excited to mention and I think you guys may think its pretty awesome too.

Behold, the New York Public Library’s Anti-Prom teen design project. The theme was Vam-Prom.

I know. The mere words “anti-prom” and “vam-prom” are enough to warrant awesomeness, are they not?

The library selected 6 aspiring fashion designer high school students, who you shall see in the clips below in all their adorability. The library then brought the teens into the library (us librarians, always luring teens into the library) to show them all of the design-related collections. What have I been trying to tell you people all these years I have been blogging? Fashion and libraryland- they belong together! Now will you believe me?

Then the teens did some sketches based on their research and they got to show them to someone who might know a little about fashion sketches. Oh, who could they show them to? Who indeed? How about, oh I don’t know. Tim Gunn? BOO-YAH, suckers. The fashionista teens got to schmooze their work with Tim effing Gunn! How inspiring is that??

Uncle Tim provided each teen with individual advice, support, and his goodness and light. He also answered questions for them. He is dreamy.

The teens’ designs will be shown at the 5th Annual Anti-Prom (theme, oh how I love a prom theme- “Vam-Prom.”) The Anti-Prom is organized by the NYPL as an alternative safe space for all teens who may not feel welcome at official school proms or dances because of their sexual orientation, the way they dress, or any other reason.

That last sentence I wrote is the reason I can get all choked up about library stuff. What a softie I am.

The 2009 Anti-Prom will be guest hosted by Tim Gunn and Austin Scarlett from Project Runway. Have I used the term “awesome” too many times in this post? Come on. One more time.


Click here to see Episodes 1 and 2 of NYPL’s Vam-Prom.


  1. How fun! My husband met Tim on the NY subway one day and said, "Tim Gunn! My wife loves your show! We, uh, SHE watches it every week." What a nerd.

  2. This sounds awesome. Good for the kids.But, um, what does this have to do with books, or researching, or finding information? Or will Tim Gunn show the teens how to search LexisNexis for their next research paper while they're there? Because that would also be cool.

  3. Wow, that rocks. Good promo too.Josh, did you not see the part where the kids came into the library and did research on their dream? Books and databases and research are for everything, not just papers. :)I love libraries. Thanks for this post!

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