Parks and Recreation

I really want to once again talk about how the weather has been so frickin’ nice. But I won’t. Just know that I want to.

The weekend was another one for the history books. Well, I guess that would imply that I went into a battle or got inaugurated as the first Indian-Pacific-Islander-American president (now there’s a goal for you) or received some blankets infected with small pox or something like that, so maybe it wasn’t for the history books. Although the weekend was just as pleasant as could be, in history books you see a lot of awfulness or glory or pride or fury. Not a lot said about events that were pleasant. Oh well.

So what exactly was so pleasant about it? I don’t know. I just tooled around and had a grand old time of it, that’s all. It was sort of a weekend of parks. BioGirl and I went to Magnuson Park and walked the loop. Then Nordic Boy and I went to Discovery Park and saw a whole family of bald eagles having an in-flight fight with a pack of crows, which was crazy intense. We then went to Madrona Park and walked along Lake Washington for a good couple of hours. We also went to Cal Anderson park to attend a birthday picnic, which was loveliness. There was even a guy in a red velvet suit with a purple dunce cap on at that last one, simultaneously walking, hula-hooping, and playing the clarinet around the park. If you don’t think that is fantastic, you just might be a little dead inside.

Nordic Boy also dug a big hole in our front yard because he is doing some crazy engineering shit where he’s re-routing the water drainage through our yard. So as if the ugliness that is our yard is not enough, now we have this big hole in the middle of it, with pipe in there and other beauteousness. It hurts my eyes, you guys. It’s so ridinkadonk.

You want to hear something crazy? Nordic Boy is totally magic! He does this thing where he takes a piece of metal, kind of the shape of the Ikea hex wrench thing, and he finds water running underground! He walks around with it, and it will turn toward the water flow. Then you dig where it points, and there you go. Water. It’s like a watery Ouija board, dudes! He’s like a friggin’ diviner and shit! The first time he did that I thought it was a total crock of caca, but I have seen him to do it a bunch of times now and it is FER-REAKY. Perhaps this is not at all weird to you outdoorsy people out there who have to regularly scavenge for berries and find water with your Ikea toolkit, but for me? It totally weirds me out. This is reason #487 that if I stick with that guy, I am guaranteed to survive when the zombies take over the world and we are living in a Mad Max dystopia.

That’s all I got.

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