Weekend Brain Dump

I am so in love with weekends it’s getting kind of serious.

On Friday night, I came home and was feeling a bit of stress. I am usually not one for cracking under stress (not because I am so evolved, mind you, but more because I am too lazy to maintain stress. Laziness will save you from a lot of grief in life, trust me) so Nordic Boy and I ditched our plans and spent the evening on our porch, sipping smoothies and talking the sun down. It was one of those nights that was only four or five hours, but felt like a whole day and made me picture us together when we’re old. Because if you can’t shoot the shit on the porch with someone for that many hours straight, then really are you going to make it together when you’re 80? Isn’t that why Bartles and James stayed together so long? And Statler and Waldorf? Why am I modeling my relationship after curmudgeonly old men? I don’t know.

On Saturday we helped our friend haul some stuff to the dump for recycling. Who knew that taking long pieces of two by fours and throwing them, javelin-like, into the back of a dump truck was so fun? Especially when you can make a “yaaaaah!” grunting sound while you’re doing it, like Bruce Jenner? (That’s Wheaties box Bruce Jenner, not Kardashian Bruce Jenner). The only thing that marred the fun of that day was when my friend tried to tell me that the band Toto was musical-twins with the band Tears for Fears. Can anyone out there back me up when I say that my friend has a broken set of ear holes? Can we take a vote or something? If more of you out there say that Toto and Tears for Fears are one and the same, I suppose I will have to live with it, but come on you guys. Back me up. Because that whole conversation made me aghast.

After the dump (and really, can one really use the word “dump” without thinking about poop? or is that just me?), we went out with our friend (after changing out of our stinky dump outfits) for thai food, and then Nordic Boy and I went erranding and then to a park along Lake Washington for a nice long walk. While there, we saw many, many children being scolded. It was like a scoldfest everywhere we went. “STOP IT!” “COME HERE!” “SIT DOWN!” “BE QUIET!” “EAT THIS!” “I AM COUNTING TO THREE.” I know there is a lot of boundary-setting and directives in parenting- I am not an ignoramus or anything. But that day it just seemed like that’s all we heard everywhere we went. And when something is yelled out like that, all bossy-like, it’s hard not to obey, even when you’re a thirty-something librarian. I was trying to enjoy my walk but I kept wanting to STOP THAT and COME HERE every few minutes. It was jarring.

After the walk, we met up with BioGirl for dinner, and then went out for ice cream after that. I stuffed myself more than I have stuffed myself in a very long time. I almost felt like my gut was going to bust or something. It was way too much food. So what did we do, right after eating way more than anyone really should? We went back to our house and jumped all around for a couple hours on the DDR. Because nothing says friendship like jumping up and down until you just may barf.

Sunday, we had a day of doing grownup stuff. We paid bills, and watered plants, and did grocery shopping, and cleaned our house, and other such. Then, in the afternoon, we attended a picnic that was held in honor of little old me. See, I am leaving one library location to work in another (just one neighborhood away) and my current co-workers threw me a bon voyage shindig. It was so nice, you guys. I don’t know what it is about me but I never expect anyone other than Nordic Boy or BioGirl to do a goddamn thing for me, and so when someone does, I sort of can get weirdly emotional about it. Why I don’t think people would ever really be thoughtful and nice toward me is way too much for me to get into without my having to pay you therapist fees or something, but suffice it to say that this was really lovely. Nice people are just so nice.

Then after the party, we went over to another friends’ house for a visit and then went home and fell into bed.

How many more days until another weekend?

Librarian Girl


  1. Weekends are truly the finest. I pretty much spend Monday to Friday counting the days until it's Saturday again, wooooo! When my sis shouts at the small people to BEHAVE OR YOU'RE ON THE NAUGHTY STEP, I kid you not, we all run to the naughty step cos we're so scared! How does she do that?

  2. Oh my – I bet that was me and my family you saw at the park!! Toto and Tears for Fears the same?? No way. I bet she's thinking of some other band.

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