Questions of the Day

I think it may be official that Nordic Boy and I are the only two people on planet earth that did not like the Star Trek movie. What is wrong with us? We wanted, I think, something to discuss. Like, isn’t that what sci-fi is for? To offer an allegory that you can geek out over and talk about afterward? Or is it just to watch ships fly around and blow stuff up? Maybe that’s our misunderstanding.

After we saw the movie, it was crickets. I tried to think of something to say about it, but really? There was nothing. Listen, I am not opposed to mind candy, let’s be clear about that. I have watched that Tori and Dean show, so let’s just get that out of the way up front. But that movie was just cowboys in space as far as I could see, which is ok, but that’s just going in one ear and out the other (or in a film’s case, would that be in one eye and out the other?). I mean, if you’re going to just put characters in space for adventure’s sake, then I would prefer Captian Link Hogthrob, to be honest.

If I am wrong about this, please enlighten me. Seriously, because I feel like I am missing something.

After my long weekend of blissful nothingness, I am kind of flailing around this week in a sort of daze. What? I have to work? And pay bills? And act grown up? It’s very unsettling, and convinces me even more that my true calling is to be an independently wealthy eccentric. I have visions of Nordic Boy and I wearing crazy hats and biking to the opera on a tandem bicycle for the evening.

What’s up with dress shorts, people? I implore you. Is there ever a reason for them? I am open to be convinced on the dress short phenomenon, but to be honest I can’t get behind them thus far. Maybe it’s because I wore a pair of dress shorts in one of my senior photos in high school and I realize how frickin’ doofy they look now. What are we thinking about dress shorts? Yea or nay? I vote nay.

Another thing I need your opinion on, is hugging at work. Are we for this? See, I saw someone hug another someone and I would bet one hundred grillion dollars that the huggie was totally repulsed by what was happening. But that didn’t stop the hugger. I was really embarrassed by the whole thing. Just witnessing it was awkward. But then, the other day, a co-worker of mine told me something really great, and I really wanted to hug her about it. So I went in for the hug, but in the moments where I was traveling toward her in a mid-hug-ambush, I remembered the unwanted hug advance that I had witnessed last week, and I was horrified that I might be doing this very thing to another unsuspecting person who is just trying to get through their day without colleague-squeezing, but then I felt like I couldn’t NOT hug the person, because it was clear to all that I was in mid-hug motion and to stop in the middle would be even more rude, so then before I could stop myself I opened my mouth and said “I’m totally going to hug you right now” and that made it worse, didn’t it? There’s nothing like emphasizing an awkward gesture like articulating it out loud on top of the whole thing, is there?

Why do I always have trouble hugging? This is how I got myself into the face-press debacle of ’08.

Librarian Girl


  1. I am not on board with the dress shorts in your senior pictures… sorry! But, I do like the short dress shorts that have been in the last few years. I wouldn’t wear them to work as part of a “suit” as places like BeBe and Guess make you think you can, but I have one pair and wore them out to clubs in Vegas last July. They were cooler than pants, safer than a skirt, and fit the dress code.

  2. That is how I felt about the most recent Batman! I get it. Things blow up. I’m not seeing Star Trek until I can see it for free because of this

  3. Um…time travel? Parallel universes? The concept that if one thing changes in this world it could totally change the trajectory of not only your life, but the lives of those around you? Hello?! PS I’m not even a Star Trek fan!

  4. We’ve had work hugging this week too! By the fax machine of all places. Thankfully I wasn’t either of the hugging party but being an observer is equally eek-some! Dress shorts are fine for going out in but for work I’d draw the line personally. I know peeps who have and it’s just a bit…hmmmm.

  5. I’m with you that Star Trek didn’t cover any sci-fi new scenarios, but this is in keeping with its main goal which is to attract an entirely new audience (read, not us). While we were all “oh, a black hole that reset the course of the universe and dilated subjective timelines… yawn… why does the captain’s chair look like an iPod?” I think that this stuff is new territory for a lot of people. Well, mostly young people who came to see Kumar and Skylar.

  6. Hmm. I must have been too distracted by the fact that I wanted to make out with both Kirk and Spock to realize there was nothing really to … talk about afterwards. Good point.

  7. I think the hug-at-work thing depends largely on the relationship between the hugger and the hugged–like, it helps if they know and like each other. I’m not much of an at-work hugger, but it has happened on momentous occasions such as engagements, retirements, etc.I liked the Star Trek movie pretty okay, but not as much as the trekkies I saw it with. I think my thing is that Star Trek is all about, “What if the future is awesome?” and while it’s nice to be optimistic, it doesn’t leave much to discuss.

  8. I have heard from no less than three people that I should see the Star Trek movie and each time I think, “I thought s/he knew me.” There is NO WAY I’m going to see it. My yawn yawns even contemplating it.As for dress shorts, I own a pair that I wore to work once (non-pleated and non-corduroy). It was a Friday and all of the executives were out of the office. And I think I was only working a half day. And it kind of felt like I was giving everyone the finger. I loved it. But I only wore them once.My word verification, btw, is “curses.” Ha! It’s like they’re starting to know me. Maybe my next one will be “effing.”

  9. I’m not a huge fan of dress shorts. Even though it gets so effing hot here in Atlanta and I can barely stand to wear pants to work.As far as work hugs, there are approximately 300 people in my office. There are only 4 of them that I wouldn’t get freaked out by them coming in for a hug.

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