Four things of little to no consequence for you today.

1. Last night, Nordic Boy was rinsing off a pear. As he did so, he busted out the “Greatest American Hero” theme song, like this: “Believe it or not! I’m washing a pear, I never thought it could be so gree-ee-een!” That’s still cracking me up today.

2. Here’s a photo from my weekend. Try to imagine the gorgeousness I was trying to capture, because I am clearly no Margaret Bourke-White.

Please be aware that I did snapped this photo while in the passenger seat. I am not one of those crackpots who takes pictures, eats a bowl of cereal, and applies mascara while driving.

3. I was at Kinko’s last week, and while I was waiting, I browsed the book display. What is the deal with the Kinko’s book display? Why do Kinko’s shoppers need so much self help?

My favorite on this display is “NEVER BE LIED TO AGAIN.” This implies that by reading this book, you not only will be improving yourself, but you will also be improving those around you. People will not be able to lie to you anymore! Maybe the Wonder Woman lasso comes inside the book?

4. Here’s an envelope from a piece of junk mail I received.

Really? We are moving from “pre-approved” to “pre-forgiven?” So like, I have YET TO TRANSGRESS against the junk mail people, but they have already forgiven me for that which has not yet happened? Well guess what? I am pre-unrepentant. So kiss that.

Librarian Girl


  1. I totally remember watching Greatest American Hero! You’ll be happy to know that the main character did not remind me of anyone in my family. For once.

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