Voicing my concern

This happened last week.

I came home from work, and Nordic Boy was unusually low key. No dancing, no “we’re both home!” celebrations. He was sitting in his chair and reading. I got my computer and started surfing (do people still say surfing? I don’t know. It sounds dated).

After a few minutes, I looked over at him and wondered if perhaps he had had a really horrible day or something. Had he had to fire someone? Had he gotten fired? What was going on? So I gently said, in a small, serious voice, something like: “sweetie, are you ok?”

Dudes, he just about busted a nut laughing. Like I had just told him the funniest thing known to man! Holding his stomach. Crying with glee! Unable to speak!

“What did I say?” I kept saying, starting to laugh in that contagious way when someone else is totally losing their shit laughing. “What is SO FUNNY?”

“Oh my gahhhhhhd! Hahahaahaaahaaaaaaaa! Ohh! Jeeeeez! Hahahhaaaaa!” He got up and walked around with laughter. He gasped for air. He pounded the wall. We laugh a lot in our house, but this? This was BEYOND HYSTERICAL. I was so confused!

As the laughter started to die down a little, he managed to squeak out, “why would you say that to me? That is such a weird thing to say!!”

Me: What? Why is it weird? You were just sitting there all silent! I just asked if you were ok!

Him: No!!! Haaahaaaahaaaaa. You didn’t! HAAA. You didn’t say “are you ok” hahaaa…

Me: I didn’t? What did I say?

Him: You said “Sweetie, did someone do something to you?” ha haaaaaaa! Why would you say it like that??? haa haaaa! That is so weird!

Me: (starting to laugh) That IS weird. Did I really say that? I think I did! I did say that!

Him: It’s like you think that someone at work today touched me in my no-no place!

Me: It does sound like that!

Him: “Sweetie, did someone DO SOMETHING TO YOU?” Really??? What the hell kind of thing is that to say?

Me: Well, you know how, when a little kid has been beat up at school, they don’t come home and tell you about it. They come home and go sit in the corner, all withdrawn. You know? And that’s what you looked like, I guess. I guess that’s why I said it.

But really people. I don’t know why I said it. It really is a weird thing to say to a grown person after a long day at work. I’m so strange.

But I got a good laugh out of him with my strangeness. So that’s something.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Okay, note to self…”Self, do not read PCL while in a new job where the students don’t know you yet and haven’t realized how crazy you are yet. Once you read PCL, you will be laughing hysterically about the strangest and most wonderful things. DO NOT LOL in a new job with students around.”Finished with note to self. This post was so funny I was crying.

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