Happy Hopscotch Day

Today is my friend Hopscotch’s birthday. Today is a day that I officially call Cinco de Hopscotch in her honor and I think you should start using that phrase too, if I am going to be absolutely bossy about it, and I totally am.

Here are some reasons that Hopscotch rockeths out with her cocketh out.

1. She’s just…nice. Nice may sound like a flaccid sort of thing to say about someone. But really, niceness is way underrated. She is one of those folks who is naturally kind and gracious. She listens to people when they talk. She has heart. She, like Tyra, smiles with her eyes. But thankfully, she has nothing else in common with Tyra.

2. She laughs readily. A girl after my own heart.

3. She is hella neighborly. Ever since she moved in down the street from me, she has always lended a neighborly hand with things like checking my mail for me when I am out of town, or gossiping about our fellow neighbors, or co-grousing about doing yard work.

4. She warns me about things like watching Twilight. But then talks me through the horror after I do it anyway.

5. She is a SUPERSTAR librarian. Her skills would knock you blind, seriously.

6. She is high-larious.

7. She loves fancy duds as much as I do.

8. She also loves fancy dudes as much as I do. I have one and so does she.

9. She listens to me when I want to whine about work, which I don’t really do with very many people. But with her? I let the WHINE GO FREE! I bet she is so happy that she gets to be the receiver of all that lovliness.

10. Etc. etc. etc.

Cinco de Hopscotch! Hell to the yes.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. It’s my friend’s birthday today, too; you know the one who writes the Five by Five blog. Happy Cinco to both friends!

  2. Perfection — a blog post by one of my favorite peeps about one of my other favorite peeps. You two are nice squared, funny squared, smart squared, and hot librarian squared. Happy birthday, Hopscotch!

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