The Difference Between Us

For BioGirl’s birthday card, I wrote on half of it, and Nordic Boy wrote on the other half. I don’t remember verbatim exactly what we each wrote, but it was something like this.

My side (which I wrote by whipping out a pen and writing without pause):

Happy birthday to the most awesome of the awesome! You are the most bestest type person of which I am acquainted and I think you’re swell and I am so glad that you were born because you are such a huge part of my life and across the years we have known each other you have just gotten awesomer by the minute. I love you a lot and thanks for being such a super terrific friend (even if you are getting sort of old now) and wow we have celebrated lots of birthdays together haven’t we? I hope we celebrate tons more. I love you! Love, Librarian Girl (writing getting smaller as it almost runs off the bottom of the page).

His side (which he sat and thought about in silence for about ten full minutes before writing):

Happy birthday! BFFs forever! Love you! Nordic Boy
(then an expanse of empty card space).

I wish I could explain how much this is a metaphor for the two of us as people.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


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