What about Crankybritches Disease?

I have a stupid cold, people. My throat is being a total asshole right now. It hurts to do anything other than speak really quietly. No laughing, which totally cramps my style.

Last night, Nordic Boy reminded me that he has this book that talks about home remedies. We sprawled on the couch as he looked through it.

Him: Ah, here we go. The section on colds and flu.
Me: What does it say to do?
Him: Let ‘s see (skim, skim)…drink lots of fluids, obviously. That also keeps your temperature down if you have a fever.
Me: I don’t have a fever though. But yes, drinking fluids.
Him: Huh, it says that elderberry tea helps you sweat out fever too. I didn’t know that.
Me: (grumbling to myself) I don’t know why you keep talking about frickin’ fever stuff when I don’t have a goddamn fever.
Him: (turning to the back of the book to look at the index)
Me: (petulantly) What are you looking up? What happened to the cold and flu chapter?
Him: I’m trying to see if they have a chapter on curing Grumpy Face. Also, Poopypants Syndrome.
Me: (bursting into laughter) hahahahahahaaaaaa ow. hahaaa don’t make me laugh. hahahaaa ow.

Me: Poopypants Syndrome?
Him: Yeah?
Me: Good one.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Honey, hot water and lemon. Very soothing. Hope you don’t have the devil’s cold, that takes forever to go away! Get better soon x

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