Pink and Blue Track Suits, Of Course

Weekend recap! Without photos! Because when it comes to photos, I am unsustainable! I need a photo-taking bailout!

I had the day off on Friday and I spent the morning in all sorts of domestic tasking. You know I have heard of these amazing new inventions? There are, apparently, these boxes that you install into your kitchen plumbing, and they run water and soap through them, and you put dirty dishes and pots and pans in the box, and the water and soap runs through the box and onto the dishes, and the box WASHES THE DISHES. Automatically. I know it sounds totally space age, but really, they exist. It is my dream to some day acquire just such a magic soapy water box. Until then, woe is me with the dishpan hands. If only I knew Madge, she could come soak me in some Palmolive.

After that I went over to D’s house to eat lunch. D is like a tornado. He is one of those people that always has a grillion things going on in his life. He has a more-than-full-time gig as a computer type at Microsoft, he acts professionally, he dances competitively, he does martial arts, takes yoga classes, plays lots of tennis, and on and on. I have always wondered what makes him have so much energy. Friday, I found out. He eats like a frickin’ elephant. He made us these gigantic sandwiches that I couldn’t even pick up with two hands until I cut it in half, and he ate TWO OF THEM. And then said he was still kind of hungry. Sheezus.

That afternoon, Nordic Boy and I went for a little walk and went out to dinner. The sun was shining. It was awesome. Other than the fact that whenever I order something, and he orders something, whatever it is that he has ordered always looks better to me than what I ordered. Knowing that he is just a better orderer than I am, I think that maybe I should just start ordering what he is having. Except then we would be one of THOSE couples. Could matching velour jogging suits be too far behind?

On Saturday, I worked. It was crazy busy. End of story. We were going to go to a movie after that but by that time I couldn’t do anything that requires the effort of like, going somewhere and sitting down for two hours. So we went for another long walk to get some sunshine, got take out, went home and watched the HBO John Adams miniseries and went to bed by 10:30. (Seriously. We are really close to matching jogging suits).

Sunday was GLAW-REE-USS. It got up to 68, people. Six to the tee to the eight!

The first thing I did on Sunday was go to the sporty spice store to get some new exercisey shoes. This is one of those stores that really does the job in terms of analyzing your feet and making you walk around so they can see how you carry your weight and if you roll onto your arches and stuff like that so they can fit your shoes to you like they are couture or some shit. One of the things they do is put shoes on your feet and then make you run around the block so that you can feel how they fit. This is one of those things that really tells me that I have become Bonafide Middle Class because where I grew up you don’t let someone try on shoes that they haven’t paid for and tell them to RUN OUTSIDE. That, to my ear, sounds like a surefire way to give shoes away.

I tried on about 10 pairs of shoes. Which means I ran around the block 10 times. Which wasn’t really that fun. I mean, I want to buy the shoes so I CAN run. That doesn’t mean I wanted to right then. Nordic Boy was there, and waited patiently the whole time. He was probably browsing the his and hers jogging suits.

After that, we went out to eat at a restaurant with a view of Lake Union. And then we walked around downtown for hours and hours. Nordic Boy and I can spend hours doing two things.

1. Walking around.
2. Looking at prettiness.

We walked all around and stopped in at every furniture design store we came across to look at pretty furniture. We stopped at the local architecture book store to browse photos of pretty buildings. We stopped in the art supply store to look at pretty new, shiny art accoutrement. We stopped at Paperhaus and looked at pretty office supplies (bamboo portfolio covers. mmmm). We stopped at a favorite boutique shoe store and looked at some pretty shoes. We stopped in at a design studio that shows local clothing designers’ stuff. And we capped it off by walking around the Olympic Sculpture Park. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Oh, and I got an eyeful of Nordic Boy too. Way pretty.

We went home at about 3 and snoozed on the couch. Then I went to a clothing exchange party where I picked up this item, which is so awesome I don’t even know what to say.

That’s a print of Madonna, circa 1987 on the left, Frida Kahlo on the right, and a dog with a heart pendant on her collar in the middle. Can someone explain this t-shirt to me? Because I love it, and I don’t even know what it MEANS.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Will you sit on the same side of the table (instead of across from each other) when you start wearing your coordinating jogging suits?

  2. What an awesome weekend you had!I hope Hot Brazilian and I never wear matching jogging suits, but we already are that couple when it comes to eating sometimes. There is one place we eat and we always order the same thing, except I don’t like mushrooms so I order my ‘shrooms on the side and give them all to him.I don’t get that shirt either, but it is way cool. I love Frida’s art.

  3. I love that t-shirt too! So I actually own a pick velour tracksuit from Old Navy. Every time I wear it I proclaim myself Marty From The Block. I need to buy Rob a blue one and then force him to wear it.

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