Horrible Photography Photo Essay

So did you all care about my weekend recap last weekend? Was it a good idea? A nice break from the usual stupid ramblings?

This weekend was another one jam-packed with fun times. And I tried to document it all, with moderate success, which is the only kind of success I really am apt to have. As I haven’t had a moment to write about it all, but I do have some photogery, let’s just load ’em up and comment.

We went on a grand tour of our city looking for some sort of energy-saving, eco-energy-measuring magical device that Nordic Boy wanted. I still don’t quite understand what it is. First, we went to a big box store. Who the hell thinks that you find an environmentally-friendly ANYTHING at Best Buy? Us. That’s who. Stupid us.

Plus, Best Buy makes me feel sort of crazy and not nice. And I am afraid Max Headroom lives there.

Then we went to Radio Shack, where we were outnumbered by salespeople. Six of them, two of us. No other customers. But they have fun old-school phones that you can dial and act stupid with! But they don’t have eco-cord-devices. I didn’t take a photo of the Radio Crack store because, you know, the Best Buy photo was all the retail artistry I could manage.

We finally went to Ecohaus, where I was forced to look at many different kinds of insulation. Many, many different kinds. Many, many, many. I am such a good partner, it’s kind of amazing. Plus, they had the eco-device (that I still don’t understand).

Also, this weekend I saw this sign at the local Beauty School, which you totally can’t read in the picture, so I will read it to you.


Which caused us to try and come up with more couplets like this. Among them: BOYS WITH PERMS MUST HAVE GERMS; BOYS WITH GLASSES GET MORE ASSES; BOYS WITH JOWLS HAVE LOOSE BOWELS. Come on, you try!

I also read this book, which was awesome and you really should read it too.

(That’s The Arrival, by Shaun Tan)

We also got gussied up and went out to dinner, and then to the ballet.

Pretty Seattle Opera House from the outside.

We saw Swan Lake with our friend D, who had never seen it, or any ballet before. The main things I told him.

1. There is a lot of clapping during ballet. Like, from the audience. Not from the dancers.
2. Be prepared to clap for like 10 minutes straight at the end.
3. Swan Lake is not a happy story.
4. Yes, their feet hurt.
5. Those male dancers are wearing dance belts under their tights. That’s not really the size of their actual business you are seeing.

This is what he told me after seeing it:
1. Did they just die in the end? Really, after all that. They are going to just die???
2. That music sounds kind of like the Darth Vader theme music from the Star Wars movies.

Which yeah, it kind of DOES.

I also went to a tea house with BioGirl and they had a million teas in jars on the wall and I think she drank “samples” of all of them.

Oh, and I accidentally took this photo of myself with my camera, which is sort of terrifying. I don’t even know when this happened.


I think that’s about all I did. The end.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Boys with man bangs get more birth pangs?Boys with dreads get redheads?Boys with a pompadour always celebrate yom kippur?Man, these are not as easy as they look.

  2. Boys with a big nose get more ho’s.Boys with cute butts get more sluts.Wow, where is my mind this morning?I agree with Teej – you have awesome hair.Your ballet story reminds me of when we took my niece to see the Nutcracker when she was about 4 or 5 years old. As soon as the first guy came out on stage she leaned over to mom and whispered, “Grandma, why are his privates showing?”. My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing for the next 30 minutes of the show.

  3. Boys who wear glasses like big asses.That’s all I can come up with. Nice, eh? The ballet sounded nice. I wish we had tea houses like that in Chi-town. Thanks for the book recommend – I’m always wondering what I should read next. I like the curls in your hair.

  4. That tea shop is great! I stopped there on my way from Vancouver to Sea-Tac last Spring. I highly recommend the tea called “Grenadine Dream.” Yummms.

  5. Boys who are bald won’t get called?(unless they’re Patrick Stewart)Boys who are blond have a nice wand?You *do* have great hair! On half of your head, anyway.

  6. LG, I totally would not have thought that pic is of you except that you say it is, so I guess I better believe you! But it sure doesn’t look anything like you imho 😉 What a lmao blog!

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