Walking On Sunshine

Holy shit it is nice weather here all of a sudden. I am kind of all agog about it.

Good thing too, because Sunday I went and did the MS Walk, to raise awareness (and dolla bills) for folks living with Multiple Sclerosis. And as much as I wanted to do the walk, I was afeared that it would be miserable weather outside, which makes me sound like the biggest asshole on the earth but I cannot tell a lie, I was so cheered up when it was all sunny.

As I was leaving that morning, I threatened Nordic Boy (who couldn’t come because he was trying to get over a cold bug) with my wardrobe.

Me: (dressed in jeans, a shirt and a hoodie) I’m just wearing this! NO COAT!
Him: Good!
Me: I mean it!
Him: Fine!
Me: I’m not kidding!
Him: I believe you!
Me: I’m serious!

BioGirl and Borgsmith came to pick me up, and we headed over to the University of Washington campus to start the walk. All I knew was that we were starting somewhere on campus, and then walking over to Gasworks Park and then back again- about 4 miles. What I didn’t realize was that the actual starting point was inside Husky Stadium.

Any sports fans reading this will defriend me after I say this, but I have never been inside a stadium before. Unless you count sports arenas- like for basketball. I have been in one of those. But a football stadium? Never! It was TOO EXCITING.

We met up with our team which consisted mostly of other library folks, including the always adorable Hopscotch and Rambo, who won the award (in my mind) of “Cutest T-shirts on Cutest Couple Ever.”

Come on, people. The cuteness!

So we walked and walked, and the city was gorgeous. We walked along Lake Union, and the water was blue, and boats were drifting by, and all the trees were in full blossom mode. If only I would have taken photos (other than the t-shirt cuteness), I could share it with you. Shows you where my picture-taking priorities are.

After the walk, we all met up at Eastlake Bar and Grill for a late brunch. We sat out on a deck overlooking Lake Union (again, it was really pretty, wish someone would have taken a photo or something) and there was sunshine. Actual sunshine. It was so mothersucking pleasant, it was almost wrong.

When the walk was over, we sat down to rest a bit before getting on the road, and Borgsmith and I decided that the stadium turf was the cushiest spot available. But hey, do you all know that perfectly dry looking turf can be totally full of water like a sponge? Which may just cause your jeans and under-wheres to get sopping wet? Which will then make you feel like you have cold, soggy Huggies on as you are walking around trying to look normal? Yeah, because that’s what happened.

Of course, BioGirl, Miss SMARTY SMARTGIRDLE did not make the mistake of sitting on the turf and kept her skivvies dry. See what they teach you when you go to Stanford?

And when I went home? Our windows were all open! And there was a nice breeze floating through the living room! And Nordic Boy and I dozed on the couch and listened to birds chirp and shit like that. It was totally ridonk.

And now, here it is, Tuesday, and it’s still nice outside. It makes me feel a little manic- like I just want to be outside all the time no indoor anything just wake up and go outside and also wear skirts every damn day and I know this won’t last because let’s face it it’s Seattle and the clouds shall return but for now it’s so so nice. And I am enjoying the rest of my week with non-soggy drawers as well. Bonus.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. The total gorgeousness is down here in Portland, too! I literally rolled all over our back deck with the babes yesterday. In fact, I’m BAREFOOT and out back right now. Ahh the joy of it all.I heard it’s supposed to be wet and back in the 50s tomorrow. That just seems like an impossibility to me right now. No way, Jose. I’m not havin’ it.

  2. I’m with Teacherninja. It was almost 80 on Saturday here in Atlanta and my cars were covered in yellow pollen, which is the sign Spring has sprung here. Then it snowed yesterday. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be back in the mid 70’s. How in the heck does a person know what to wear from one day to the next?I’m glad you had such a glorious weekend! It sounds absolutely lovely.

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