Boys Next Door

Hey, remember the weird house that is next door to me? The one that should be on Extremely Crazy Home Makeover?

There is finally someone living there!

(If you want to remind yourself of The Crazy, read my post about it here).

To recap and bring you up to date, the house next to mine was a perfectly fine house. Then this lady bought it and went batshit with flip fever. Then she put a For Rent sign on it and tried to lease the gigantic shack for $5500 a month. It sat there for months and months with (what a shock!) no takers. Then she tried to sell it for one point one meelion dollars. Then it sat there for more months and months. Then she tried to rent it again. This time she got some takers who she didn’t get a background check on and didn’t get any deposit from and who never paid her a red cent in rent and squatted there for about three months. After they were evicted, the For Sale sign went back up. Then the fFor Rent sign went back up. Are you following all this??

Well last weekend, someone MOVED IN.

They are a group of guys- college students, it looks like. A parade of cars pulled up over the weekend and a bunch of boys and what looked to be their parents moved them all in. So now I think we have actual neighbors. Ones that might stay a while. I saw two of them on the sidewalk as I left my house this morning.

You know what will make you feel old, like a piece of cheese that has grown green and hairy? Looking at college students and thinking that THEY LOOK LIKE BABIES.

Seriously, these boys look three heartbeats away from a pair of Pampers. One of them is a dead ringer for Chunk from Goonies. The other one doesn’t look like he can shave yet. Don’t you have to have pubes in order to rent a home? Isn’t that written into law somewhere?

I’m sorry I just referred to my new neighbor’s pube deficiency. That was probs really inappropriate, huh?

Anyway, I guess new neighbors doesn’t seem to be enough to get a whole blog post out of, but after two-plus years of waiting to see who was going to rent/buy the neighborhood monstrosity, we have a winner!

Subject change! Can someone please tell me what the hell that smell is that you get when you sit on a plane for a while? You know what I mean? There is that very specific, special plane stank. Nordic Boy got home from business in Dallas last night and the reunion was somewhat ruined by my having to tell him that instead of his usual deliciousness, he smelled of Plane. It’s not something you can really smell unless you get way up in someone’s koolaid, but still. It’s not nice. Especially when you have a thirst for someone’s koolaid.

Speaking of koolaid, there was this boy that Biology Girl used to like, back in the days of yore. And for some reason, Nordic Boy and I called him Purplesaurus Rex. It doesn’t really matter why. Then, when we all figured out that he wasn’t so nice, we called him Purplesaurus Rash. Which, let’s face it, is a pretty good name for someone you don’t like. Last week? Nordic Boy says the following.

Him: Remember that guy? The one BioGirl liked for a while?
Me: Who?
Him: Oh, you know. That one. Oh, what was his name? KOOL-AID STAIN?
Me: BioGirl liked someone named Koolaid Stain?
Him: Yeah, you know.
Me: Do you mean Purplesaurus Rash?
Him: Yeah. That’s it. Same thing.

I’m kind of mad that that dude didn’t stick around long enough for us to call him Koolaid Stain when we talked about him. He was gone too fast, and we never really talked about him again. But Koolaid Stain just seems like a nickname that has totally gone to waste.

Next time you think someone’s kind of an a-hole, call them Koolaid Stain for me, ok?

Wow, how’s that for a random post?

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Wow, neighbors at last! I can’t believe it. Leetle bebe neighbors.Also, I know exactly the plane funk you mean. I always feel as though I’m covered in a film of BLEH every time I step off an airplane.

  2. OMG! I know just what you mean. Have you seen your first baby cop yet? The one that can’t possibly be old enough to drive a regular car never mind a police car!And just think he has a gun!Yeah, plane funk. It’s the humanity.

  3. Dallas planes dont smell 😦 Maybe he smelled of time change? Either ways, you should come to Dallas and have lunch with Dallasites to see what this big smell is really coming from. The plane, or the city. Oh, and I heard a NINETEEN year old talk about how she was “soooo-old” the other day. I wanted to shove my almost 30 year old ass in her face and tell her to take a hike.

  4. I feel old a lot of the time (because I am old), but I especially felt so the other day. My boss has 4 kids and his oldest is either a senior in college or has just started grad school or something. Anyway, I was looking at some insurance stuff for my boss the other day and discovered his son was born the same year I graduated from high school.

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