Oops, did I just take a week off from blogland? Why I believe I did. Lookee that.

This week Nordic Boy bullied me into getting an iPhone. Maybe bullied is the wrong word. More like nagged me into getting one. Boohoo, poor me, right? He has been at me to get one for about a year and this week I finally caved. You may be asking yourself why I need to be nagged into getting something as nice and coveted as an iPhone. And the answer to that is the fact that, contrary to what it may seem like, in my heart of hearts I am what is commonly referred to as a Cheap Bastard. Maybe it’s all that free stuff in libraryland, but paying for stuff really sucks the big one in my book and given the choice I am Squeezy McTightwad. Also, I am big on cell phone etiquette (also due in large part to what I see in libraryland) and the people who can’t stop looking at their effin’ phones are weird, and the mesmerizing powers of iPhones just raise the phone-love exponentially, and I am scared of becoming one of those people. When I am talking to you, I will not answer my cell phone or simultaneously text someone else, unless it really truly can’t wait, and then I will say “I’m sorry, excuse me” and use my phone quickly. Cuz just talking on it and texting and checking it and stroking it and loving it in front of someone that you are supposed to be interacting with in person and doing that as a matter of course is way rude. When did acting that way stop being a rude thing to do?

Ha ha, I am cracking myself up. I am so GET OFF MY LAWN YOU STINKING CELL PHONERS! I need to practice shaking my fist at people to complete the crotchety picture.

My fist that is holding my iPhone, that is. My shiny, shiny iPhone.

Another highlight of my week was going over to Hopscotch and Rambo’s house to play board games. We played Catchphrase, which I had never played before, but gave me all kinds of agida because it has this beeping siren thing that beeps at you very loudly the whole time you are playing and the beeping grows faster and faster as your time runs out and I was just waiting for something to blow up because that beeping was a pre-blow-up sound if ever I heard one. Which I guess I haven’t. Heard one, that is.

We also played Loaded Questions, which was very difficult. The game goes like this- one person asks a question to the others (for example “who would play you if there was a movie made about your life?”) and everyone else writes their answer down, and then the question-asker has to guess whose answer was whose. This game proved rather difficult, as apparently the four of us share a brain. We kept answering questions quite similarly, or even the exact same, making it kind of pointless to try and distinguish between the answers.

Most of the time, that is. Let’s recreate a round and you can try and guess who said what. Ready? Ok.

Question: If you found $50 on the street, and you had to spend it immediately, what would you buy?

Answers given by Hopscoth, Nordic Boy, and me, in RANDOM ORDER:

Clothes, clothes, and insulation.

I’ll give you a moment to contemplate that before you guess.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I got an iPhone two weeks ago. Do you love it? I love it. As in, I’d marry it if I wasn’t already otherwise bound to Dude. I’m with you on the majority of phone users needing to assume some etiquette, but when I’m NOT talking with others, playing at the park with the girls, whathaveyou…that little gadget is glued to my hand and I’m messing with it.Oh, and you may enjoy iPity (it’s a free app). I’ve considered folding its use into my parenting arsenal but you could use it at the library if push ever came to shove. Just a suggestion…

  2. Dude. Don’t become one of those people. The ones that who never look you in the eye because their iPhone might disappear if they don’t watch it. every. second.That said, iPhones are totally cool and I’m jealous of you. Just be cautious of its powers.

  3. Baaaaaaa ha ha ha. Insulation. I can relate to being married to someone who would answer insulation! And he, by the way, has been insulating our attic all week. Funny.

  4. for awhile there, i really thought i was going to become an iPhone widow. but just today it’s saved me from getting lost. twice. (secretly i think it’s awesome, but i’d never dare say it aloud in this house.)

  5. Ah you see I reckon you want us to think that it was Nordic Boy who said the insulation, but it’s way too obvious. It was you wasn’t it, go on…own up…you know it’s true…I’m not a bit jelly of your iphone. Not one bit. Let me just wipe that drool away before anyone sees.

  6. I KNEW I wasn’t the only twenty-something who thought cell phones were making people ruder. I am so tired of my friends interrupting me to answer their cell phones, send text messages, or answer their call waiting when we’re on the phone. Remember the days when your phone was at home, and when you were in public, you were forced to concentrate on one thing at a time?***fist-shaking***

  7. Hee hee. I love my iPhone, but I know what you mean. I feel guilty every time I look at it when I’m out with friends, even if I’m just checking the time. I always do it surreptiously so I don’t look like a jackass.That game sounds fun! I’m guessing Nordic Boy said insulation?

  8. I actually don’t envy you the Iphone, although the hubster drools everytime it gets mentioned. I guess I’m just not excited by technology or cars, for that matter. I just want them to get me where I need to go.Oh, Catch Phrase is my newest favorite game. My husband, daughter and son in law sat up till 2:00 am playing cause we couldn’t stop which was bad cause we had a 2 1/2 hr drive home from their place!

  9. I don’t have an iphone because I know I would be looking at it all the time. I do wish I had one though – I could be messing around on twitter all the time instead of some of the time…I love catchphrase – it’s like a fancy version of hot potato

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