Twitter Me Timbers

Ok Librarian Girl, snap out of it! For serious! You have got to start updating this dang blog more often! This is NOT EVEN COOL.

Oh hello. You seem to have stepped in whilst I was giving myself a good talking to. Pardonne moi.

You know what I am not understanding lately? Twitter. I mean, I have a Twitter account, and I use it sometimes, but really? As a concept, I just don’t quite understand it. I looked at my Twitter account the other day, and it was crazy to see how many people are following me on Twitter. I am not saying this as a brag- ooh la la- I am so popular people are following me on Twitter! I’m sure just as many people are following you. But why? What are we doing? What is the point? I thought that it was maybe just a few of my friends that want to know that I am waiting for a table at a restaurant or that I am about to go for a walk or that I am on my way to Target. But no, it’s hundreds of people! All wanting to know these types of things about each other.

So I have no wisdom to impart to this whole Twitter concept, nor do I have any real critique of it. I just want to say, a la Jerry Seinfeld: “Twitter. What! is the deal! with THAT?”

There are many lovely things going on in my life lately, which is a good thing because I am all done with watching Deadwood and I was afraid that the void would be too much for my poor heart to handle. But so far, I have been able, as the Deadwood folks have taught me, to “sally fuckin’ forth,” which hasn’t been too hard because I have been filling my time with many other lovely things, like the giant tome that is the Kaufman biography of Doris Day (which doubles as a bicep strengthener). And going out to family Italian restaurants that have jazz bands and dance floors where frilly little girls twirl around to upright basses. And awesome friends that throw pie parties. (And seriously? A pie party? Why have I never thought of such a thing before? There should be all sorts of social activities that are built upon the premise of eating pies!) And my lovely gentleman friend with whom I reside bringing Dance Dance Revolution into my house to stay with us forever and give us even more of a reason to challenge each other to dance offs. As if we needed more of a reason. Plus Battlestar Galactica is back (the final cylon! that totally surprised me), and so is Lost, so never fear, the time that I spend sitting on my ass absorbing the light from the tv directly into my brain is being maintained.

The loss of Deadwood has not broken me. The confusion about Twitter just might.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I feel your blog pain LG. The lack of blogging on mine is BEYOND shameful. Seriously. I keep giving myself mental slaps to get on there and post but the time is a-flying. Yikes :o))I don’t have the twitter thing but I know someone who does and she was going out somewhere recently and I said text me, and she was like you can twitter me and I was all, what?? Bonkers.

  2. a friend of mine discovered that the furniture store on her block was on fire via twitter. and today i found out that the FDA is sending out twitter messages about product recalls. and there were a lot of updated about the Mumbai attacks last year. so i guess that means twitter really HAS gone mainstream. but that hasn’t stopped me from having to do the dishes if i want to eat cereal.

  3. I use Twitter for work related conversations and Facebook for more social updates. Using it in a browser or via SMS never clicked with me, but when I started leaving Twitterrific running on the side of my display it turned into a running chat which I dip into and out of all day.

  4. Cadiz and Trevor- these uses of Twitter totally make sense to me. This still does not explain why there are hundreds of people following me on Twitter to hear about the dress I just bought today. I guess that was more my point. It just seems weird.

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