Typing From Under a Blanket

It has been snowing a little bit in Seattleland this week. Again. I have lived in this town for over a decade and I have never, ever seen the white stuff fall like this. It’s not a lot by my Midwestern standards. It doesn’t usually even stick after it falls, really. In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing.

But, people, I am telling you, it has GOT TO STOP.

Not even because I am cold. I can handle being cold. Heck, I am cold when it is 50 degrees outside. The real reason it has to stop is because I fear I will never leave my house again if it doesn’t. I have a serious case of the cozies. Give me cold weather, a full fridge, a warm house, and (the ultimate kiss of death) a whole set of Deadwood dvds to watch, and you may never see me again. Nordic Boy and I, we just sit at home. All the time. And we never want to leave. Ever. There were things that I could have done this weekend. Things I should have done. I had free tickets to a play at the Seattle Shakespeare Company. We ditched it. There was an awesome librarian crafty party, but did I go? Nope. And there was a pub night out on Sunday evening, but again, as Ronny, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Johnny, and Ralph would sing, you got to count me ow-out. Instead, we got under a blanket, ate grilled cheese sandwiches, and watched the snow fall. And also, watch Al Swearingen and Calamity Jane cuss people out. I am convinced this is all I need out of life.

Good thing I have to get my ass to work every day. Although that has been making me want to stay home even more, because things in Libraryland have been hella ornery lately. It’s weird how these things go in waves. I can go days and days without anything too dramatic happening, and then all of a sudden, one day, it’s like the entire city of Seattle has decided to collectively come to the library and freak out. Everyone lately is ANGRY. And they are especially angry at librarians, because we are being all pesky by helping them find information and doing research for them and oh, what was that other thing we do? Give them FREE STUFF. I can see why that would make someone want to go ballistic. Stupid librarians.

In other news, I think Nordic Boy is kind of rubbing off on me. Ew. Not like THAT. I mean his brain. Before a meeting yesterday, I was sitting and taking some pre-meeting notes.

Lady #1: (looking at the wall, and speaking to other people around me) What is that paneling made of? It’s so interesting looking.
Lady #2: I don’t know. It does look nice though.
Me: (butting in and not looking up from my notebook) It’s MDF.
Dude #1: What?
Me: (still writing) MDF.
Lady #2: What is MDF?
Me: Medium Density Fiberboard.
Dude #1: What’s that?
Me: (still writing) It’s made from like, broken down wood fibers, and resin. They use heat and pressure to compress it together into sheets. Depending on the materials used, it can be pretty environmentally friendly. Unless they emit formaldehide from the binder, which some do, which is bad. But there are types that aren’t toxic, and the materials used can be totally recycled, from like, recycled paper, or scraps from logging, or whatever. Or straw and bamboo, which are much more renewable.
Me: (stopping writing, looking up, and seeing all three people staring at me).
Me: I just…know that. Somehow.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I know, patrons are so angry lately. I am blaming that on the weather too. You staying home cozy and the lovelies of Seattle breaking down our doors to yell at us. Cabin fever, I tell ya.

  2. January should be official hibernate under a blankie month. Libraryland is equally bonkers here too, but it’s not the customers causing the headaches, it’s the staff! Rah! But yelling “do your job properly” at colleagues is not really acceptable sadly. Will soon be Spring…

  3. Re: Your MDF pre-meeting:I understand. As a research librarian … oh, excuse me … Research Librarian … there, that's better … I spend my days putting out knowledge fires. (Yes, patron brains implode [vacuum effect] when they think too hard, poor dears. Ah, but how the fire, then? That's the mystery of patron thought patterns.)Every now & then I catch myself waxing eloquent to rooms full of startled expressions and the occassional lear. My excuse to the crowd?: "Hey, it's my job."It's fun. I like learning new stuff. It's like sunshine to my world (to be really corny.) I wouldn't (necessarily) trade what I do for anything (except more money & a better geographic location (really miss the ocean)).Hope you feel better.

  4. Patrons are mad here, too. It’s mostly about job loss and not knowing how to use a computer and generally survive job loss. In fact, I was just yelled at by someone like that. Reading about you deconstructing building materials cheered me up! Thanks.

  5. I suggest you take a cue from Al Swearengen and not let these patrons give you grief. Plus, you can speak in iambic pentameter and Nordic Boy can be your Dan… or maybe your Jewel.

  6. I am stuck at home recovering from surgery and missing all the library crazies. I was reading through your blog and had to stop because your New Year’s Eve entry made me laugh and it hurts like hell to laugh right now. Apparently, I will need to wait a few weeks before finishing that one. 🙂

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