Happy Birthday Butchlaroy

Hello internets! I’m glad that you traveled through a series of tubes to come see me.

Today is a lovely day, you want to know why? It’s the day that Nordic Boy was borned. Which, to me, is a highly important day, since if that hadn’t happened things around here would be totally different in a not good sort of way.

What is there to say about Nordic Boy? So many things. Let’s limit to 5.

1. Nordic Boy is like Mr. Ed, who only ever spoke to Wilbur. Or Snuffleupagus, back when only Big Bird could see him. When you first meet him, he is friendly, understated, introspective, kind of serious, and an intense listener. If you stay acquaintances with him, he will continue to be all of those things. But once he has truly befriended you, this whole other side opens up. He is, it turns out, the silliest mothereffer you would ever want to meet. To the outsider’s eye, I am the zany one in this pair. But little do you know, people. I learn it all from him. Once he starts doing Supermodel impressions for you (BioGirl and Neighbor J, remember his Kathy Ireland?) you know you are truly in the circle.

2. When he was born, his mom almost named him Butchlaroy. That is pronounced like this: Butch La Roy. But spelled all as one word. Not Leroy, mind you. Laroy. Lah. Roy. I love his mom to death but I am convinced there was some sort of crack pipe involved in this story. Because really. What the hell is that? I am convinced that had that been his name, he would have grown into a very different sort of guy. God bless whatever part of her brain decided that it was a bad idea. Am I right or am I right?

3. Nordic Boy likes to put an s on proper nouns that do not have an s on the end. Like George Michaels. Or Dukes of Hazzards.

4. Nordic Boy is an awesome dancer. He is also a dancer that only dances in front of a select few people. Again, it’s very Mr. Ed. He likes to make up dances, with names to go along with them. My two favorites are called “Butt Bongos” and “The Bowling Ball.” I will leave you with those names and let you conjure up your own images.

5. Nordic Boy is awesome about going with me on things. Like, if I all of a sudden bust out with “YOU ARE THE SUN! YOU ARE THE RAIN! THAT MAKES MY LIFE A FOOLISH GAME!” he will not even react in any other way other than to say “YOU NEED TO KNOW! I LOVE YOU SO! AND I’D DO IT ALL AGAIN AND AGAIN!” It doesn’t matter what kind of mood he is in, or I am in, or what we are doing, or even if we are in the same room. If I initiate acting like a nutjob, he will go with it. I believe this to be a pillar of our relationship.

Happy birthday to Nordic Boy. When it comes to him, I do indeed quote Lionel Ritchie. You need to know! I love you so! And I’d do it all again and again. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Butch La Roy kind of sounds like a porn star, no?Or perhaps his mom had a thing for Butch Cassidy, aka Robert Leroy Parker. I’d be willing to believe that’s the case here.And last but not least, I found the Facebook profile of a guy named Butch LeRoy which you can view here (you’re welcome!).

  2. Butchlaroy would truly have been an unfortunate name. Was his mom from down here in the South like me or something? We do hear some strange names down here. Happy Birthday Nordic Boy! I wish LG would post a video of your silly self sometime.

  3. Happy Birthday to Nordic Boy. What a great relationship you two guys have. Congrats on that too.And, oddly enough, my wierd wordcha or whatever that thing is called that you have to verify with says: boyache. Which I read to be boy atcha and not boy ache. So, shoot me, I’m tired.

  4. i just love the relationship you two have. the silliness is so vital in my opinion (because i am, and will always be, a big fan of the silly). happy belated birthday nordic boy.

  5. Happy birthday Nordic Boy!I really want to know what his mom picked instead of Butchlaroy. 🙂 And I have a great mental image of the Butt Bongos.

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