He’s Sporty Spice, I’m Sitty Spice

Ok, ok FINE, I shall give you a break from my award-winning film shorts. Once again, I fear that my blog is entertaining no one so much as myself. I watched that Scarface one multiple times, and it still makes me bust a nut laughing.

So last week was a doozy. We had days and days of snow. It felt like it would never end. It was gales of fun. The local newscasters’ eyeballs almost popped right out of their heads with the dramatic reporting that they did. It was all BLIZZARD BLITZ and SNOWY SMACKDOWN and BEWARE THE BLACK ICE until you just wanted to knock someone out. I don’t watch the local tv news much, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that they don’t seem to be in the business of lessening panic.

As much as the snow was a hindrance to getting around the city, all in all it didn’t affect us as much as some, which was nice. When we couldn’t drive, we could still walk to the grocery store each day, and restaurants and stores and all like that. It was cool to be out in our neighborhood, walking around, with no car traffic to be found. There were parents and kids using the hilly streets as sledding runs from morning until after 10pm, and everyone seemed to be outside, just enjoying themselves. I had almost forgotten what it was like to shovel snow off a sidewalk. I also realized that since I moved to Seattle, I don’t really have snow-appropriate shoes any more, which kind of appalled the Midwestern girl in me.

Nordic Boy had a bunch of days off from work, but I only had two, and we had the best time just relaxing. And by relaxing, I mean we had the best time spazzing the fuck out playing with our new Wii games. There were wipeouts. There were challenges made and challenges accepted. There were talents uncovered.

For instance, my mild-mannered Nordic Boy is a MANIAC on the boxing game. We weren’t boxing each other, because, I don’t know, that just feels weird to go all aggro like that against one’s beloved. So he was boxing the Wii opponents. And dudes, he was beating the serious shit out of each and every one of them. Within seconds, Mike Tyson style, they were each knocked out. Who knew that Nordic Boy had fake boxing skills?

I admit that in every game, Nordic Boy gets a higher score than I do. There are some where we are almost even, with him beating me by a little, and there are some where he beats me by a lot. But he pretty much always beats me. Aside from the sporty stuff, we have the Wii fit, which has things like skiing, and balance games, and yoga. Again, he’s better than me at all of them.


There’s this game- I can’t remember if it’s on the Yoga part of the Wii or the Balance part. Here’s how the game goes. There is a candle on the screen. You sit down on the Wii board, and the board senses your movements. If you move, the candle flickers. If you breath unevenly, the candle flickers. The object is to keep the candle still for as long as you can by remaining perfectly still. It provides distractions in the form of various sounds and background surprises that will break your concentration.


Skiing, golf, tennis? Eff that. If you want someone to COMPETETIVELY SIT DOWN, you need to get me.

In other news, I may be on the verge of selling the couch I own and buying a new one. This quest for a new couch has been long and arduous, and if the one I have my eye on right now doesn’t work out, my heart shall breaketh into teeny tiny pieces. I need the perfect couch to practice all the Olympic sitting that I do, you see.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I had NO IDEA that I could theoretically win a gold medal in the Olympics for something I do so exceptionally well and have been doing for years and years.Do you get extra points for reading a book while you are sitting? Because I am excellent at that as well.

  2. Well, at least the Wii didn’t ask you if you fall down a lot! And listen up Wii, what if I do? It’s not like I can help it with all of the BLACK ICE we’ve had around here lately…

  3. The more I hear people talking about Wii, the more I want one. Particularly because I think I would be awesome at sitting still like you. However, I’m afraid if I got a Wii I would never leave my house again.

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