NaBloPoMo Sort Of

Well well well. I have skipped some days in my NaBloPoMoFo attempt. I’m sure no one would have given a flying fork or even noticed it had I not said anything so I suppose mentioning it is probably a bad idea, but there you go. I have mentioned. And what is my response to this blatant disregard of posting duties? Whoopsy doodle.

I was off work yesterday since it’s a holiday and us servants of the civil get holidays off and let me just tell you this…having a weekend, and then working one day, and then having another day off? I LOVE this. I mean, I like my job and everything, but being independently wealthy would not be a problem for me, I guarantee you.

I had a loverly weekend, thanks for asking. Here are some leftover weekend thoughts, for your perusal.

1. Why do I keep watching Grey’s Anatomy? For the love of Petey Wheat. Those effers are annoying as hell. And yet, I watch them. I keep trying to tell myself that the whole thing is a postmodern deconstructionist allegory for our failed healthcare system, because really, if these are the best doctors in the country? We are FUCKED, people.

2. Breakfast establishments of our great land, I implore you. You need to put silver dollar pancakes on your menus. Every time I go out to brekkie, I want to get pancakes. But a gigantic one? Too much pancake. And I kind of maybe want something else too, but there’s no way I am getting a whole pancake PLUS something else. I can’t believe restaurants haven’t put small pancakes on their menus yet. Do I have to think of everything?

3. I went to see my friends’ band play on Saturday night, which, as I said before was awesome. What I didn’t tell you was that the band that played right after them was straight out of Spinal Tap, which might have been a teensy bit more awesome. Unfortunately BioGirl and I left at the beginning of that set, because it was bone-shakingly loud. That’s right, we left due to loudness. Ergo, we are ancient.

That’s all I got. I feel like it’s not enough. So here’s something extra.

Location! Location!

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I know what you mean about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – it’s like a friggin’ train wreck this year.I listened to that band you went to see – they’re pretty cool! I found them to be a very tame ‘Dropkick Murphys’/type. Sweet.

  2. 1. What fascinates me the most about G.A is how gorgeous they all are. Seriously, do you think it’s on the application form? 2. I had pancakes in a diner when I was on holiday in NYC and I couldn’t move for about 3 hours afterwards, I’ve never felt so STUFFED! Good though.3. Left because it was too loud. Oh deary me. I am shaking my head, chuckle. Good work so far with the NaPloBoMoFo thingie!

  3. i haven’t seen any grey’s this season b/c h hates it. but maybe i’m not really missing much? i used to work in a hospital, and while it’s not necessarily “the best in the country,” it was filled with a pretty normal sampling of regular-looking and hot people who actually did their jobs instead of hooking up in the overnight rooms every 2 seconds. actually, now that i think about it, there were some people caught hooking up in the xray room a couple of times. so maybe there is some truth to all that soapiness.

  4. 1. I quit Grey’s. Couldn’t take it anymore.2. I love mini food. 3. Every day I’m shocked by how very ooooold I am. Although I went to see Twilight last night and did, in fact, scream when Edward appeared on screen, so take that, age.In the car!

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