1. that’s what i was searching for tuesday night. just had one neighbor screaming in joy. we felt so alone. luckily i work in a library – an island in this sea of conservatives – so i got to share my joy wednesday morning.

  2. amazing! you guys were all prepared with the music and all. i still think nothing beats the Mary Had a Little Lamb trumpeter, though.dude, when is the last time an election inspired this kind of dancing in the streets?!?!?!?!?ok, and my word verification is “house.” since when does blogger use actual words?

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing that! We didn’t have that in our SoCal neighborhood, although I did hear that there were several loud, late parties in town. One friend of mine had impromptu parties two nights in a row to celebrate! We just sat at home and cried like dorks. Then I got a celebratory text message from one sister, a tears-of-joy call from another sister, and then a call from my mother-in-law who was ecstatic. She is Mexican and grew up in an era where signs reading “No Mexicans or Dogs Allowed” were commonplace. The next morning I called my sister-in-law, and she was still in tears over the win.

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