Fall Back!

You know how, in war movies, when the battle is being lost, the commander or general or head war cheese will yell out “FALL BACK!” when he wants everyone to retreat? That’s what I think about when I turn my clocks back an hour. FALL BACK! FALL! BACK!

Ok, yes, I say it out loud. If you must know.

Here’s what my yard looks like right now.

Fall: a time when not cleaning up my yard actually looks kind of ok.


  1. autumn leaves are so beautiful, until it rains. then you remember you should have done your chore to rake them when your dad said to, instead of putting it off to watch the saturday afternoon re-run of “uncle buck” on WGN. so when you finally go out there the leaves have become like two tons of soggy cornflakes that are almost impossible to get into those big brown-paper bags. let’s just focus on the pretty.

  2. Yeah, I’ve never really understood why people are obsessed with raking leaves. I mean, what’s wrong with leaves? They look nice. And leaf blowers, oy, don’t get me started. What a stupid invention that is.

  3. New to your blog; good stuff! I have a similar issue in my yard but I am going to mow today and rid it of the many leaves. Not that I don’t LOVE Fall color…

  4. Hi, I’m visiting from NaBloPoMo.I’m all for letting the leaves fall where they may – they’re pretty! I like to leave them rather than bother raking. Or maybe I’m just lazy that way.

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