Giving it a whirl

My friend Neighbor J has these crazy ass neighbors.

Wait, that sounds like I’m talking about myself. Because if I call her Neighbor J, then that would mean I was her neighbor, right? But nope, sadly in this case, I am not talking about myself. Because Neighbor J is called Neighbor J because we used to be neighbors, and then we both moved, and so now it’s more like she is a Neighbor Emeritus. A neighbor in the existential sense, like Mr. Rogers and his tv neighbors. She now has new actual geographic neighbors, and they are a bit highstrung. One example of this is that they have screaming fights with each other (the neighbors have it amongst themselves, not with Neighbor J. God can I convolute a story or what?). And one of the things they call each other when they fight is “YA FRICKIN’ NUTJOB!”

I love this phrase. Ya frickin’ nutjob is something that I wish I could use more often. Her neighbors use it with complete abandon and although I do not envy the fact that they are having throw downs like that, I do enjoy saying that phrase.

So…anyway. You all talked me into something again. And this guarantees I will be saying this, about myself, at least once a day for the next 30 days:


I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. i guess those neighbors could be calling each other much worse names.i’ll be sure to come and check in on you this month. i’m a frickin’ nut job, too.

  2. YOU NUT JOB!!!! They came with their grandkid trick or treating to our place, and stood BEHIND our bushes instead of coming up to the door with their granddaughter. At first I thought this poor little kid was out all by herself,and then I saw Mr and Mrs Nut’s eyeballs peeking over our bushes. I should have thrown a mini Almond Joy at them. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!Neighbor J

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