Ahead of his time

You know what’s weird? Nordic Boy has no idea how old anyone is. And I mean, ANYONE. Neighbor J’s daughter? She just turned one this summer. When we were getting ready to go to her party, Nordic Boy is all…”how old is she turning again?” ONE. She is turning ONE. This is her first birthday; we have never celebrated her birthday ever before, ergo…she is ONE. How hard is that?

The other thing about this is he always inflates birthdays, sometimes by a year, and sometimes by several years. In his mind, people are always older than they actually are. Why this is I can’t figure out.

The morning of my birthday, as I am sleeping:
Him: Wake up! It’s your birthday! Happy birthday!
Me: Aww, thanks!
Him: So, birthday lady, how does it feel to be THIRTY SEVEN?
(Note to you all out there…I am not 37.)
Me: WHAT? How long was I asleep? What am I, Rip Van Winkle? How am I thirty seven?
Him: Wait…you’re not?
Me: No!!!
Him: But…I thought you were turning the same age as I am.

No idea how old I am. Or how old he is. I know that this is common (I have brought it up with y’all before and you schooled me on the number of folks that don’t know how old you are out there and I get it, it’s a lot of you. But still. I think it’s weird.)


In other birthday news. How frickin’ cute is THIS? (Thanks Pop Quiz Kid, for finding this).

Little kids celebrate Gandhi’s birthday in India.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. For years I have not been able to remember how old I am. When asked, I have to use my birth year to figure it out. If I just say the first age I think of, it’s usually older than I am actually.Not 2008, though. I turned 60 this year and it’s just too darn hard to forget, I guess. But, I was brave enough to use a picture of me from this year anyway. I’ve never figured there was any point in trying to hide it.

  2. Actual age is rubbish anyway. Who cares? I am, and shall always be, 19. Doesn’t matter how old I get, that’s the age I’m sticking at! When do we get to hear about the partay?

  3. I have to admit, when I first saw the pic on this post (before I read it) I thought it was a bunch of those kids with the disease that makes them look old. Guess it helps to read first and then look at the pictures!

  4. hey!!I came upon your blog incredibly randomly. (like big fi fees on a touch screen.) but I realized that we have the same birthday!! (coincidentally, its the best birthday.) hope you had a good one!

  5. “How long was I asleep?”You made me laugh laugh laugh. Still kind of giggling. That’s the exact kind of thing my husband would manage to do. He called two different friends of our “Candace” for a year and a half, because he mistook Patty for Constance, and he thought Constance’s name was Candace – it was like a 70’s porn farce around here for a while.They’re idiots sometimes, but at least they are consistent idiots.Hap bday (belated and truncated)!

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