Sally Field Moment

Hello ladies and germs!

Did comedians really used to say that? And people laughed at it? Comedy is weird.

So I have been feeling kind of disconnected to bloggy land lately, hence the sparse posting. It seems, with all bloggers, that there comes a time when blog-steam gets low, and then there is the obligatory post threatening to cease writing all together. Which I assure you I am not doing right now, because it would be insincere as I do plan on keeping this carcass animated somehow and so to threaten closure would just be a cheap ploy to gather up comments of the “please don’t go!” variety. Which I am not above telling you that I did consider writing just to see if anyone would say “please don’t go!” but then decided against it not because of any ethical pants-on-fire concerns (I’m totally not quitting) but because I was afraid no one would leave that kind of comment.

Which brings me to a Weird Thing About Me.

I have lots of lovely friends and loved ones, who are awesome and treat me nice and do very cool things for me and are there for me when the chips are down and also when the chips are up which I’m happy to say is most of the time. So why, I ask you, why do I have little-to-no expectations of lovely friendship niceties?

Example 1. Throwing parties. I don’t tend to throw parties. Not because I don’t want to throw them, but because I don’t think anyone will come. Which is ridiculous. I have lots of people to invite and no reason to think that they wouldn’t show up. I have thrown parties where guestlists were just fine and have never had one of those awful events where I am sitting there all dressed up with food and beers and no one ever shows. But still. I fear this.

Example 2. That blog comment thing that I just talked about up there. I know there are people reading this. Blogland loves me this I know, for my sitemeter tells me so. But sometimes, I don’t believe the sitemeter. Like, I wonder if it’s broken or something, or if I have one creepy stalker who is checking my blog hundreds of times a day. I’m not kidding, I’ve really thought that.

Example 3. When I am invited to other people’s things, I often think it is for reasons other than they just wanted to invite me. Like they feel like they should because I invited them to something once and so they have to reciprocate. Or some stupid shit like that. Like, I think this often. OFTEN. I then tell myself that I am being a dumbass and move on from the thought, but just that it pops into my mind at all seems…slightly paranoid.

Example 4. So there are people in my life that do nice things for me all the time and I don’t have doubts about them secretly doing so because the mafia has threatened their kneecaps if they don’t. Top of that list is my parents and Nordic Boy. Those people just have a machine gun of nice that they let rip constantly in my direction. (Wow, so violent I got there). Also, BioGirl. She is thoughtful and does all sorts of going-out-of-her-way niceness.

So, when she showed up at my house last week and presented me with this:

What the hell this is I shall say in one moment.

I was super surprised, and touched, but honestly…not SHOCKED. Because her doing this sort of thing is just part of who she is and also part of the crazy bff-ness that we share. You are talking about two ladies that used to get each other birthday presents in the quantity of the year we were celebrating. Like, when she turned 25, I got her 25 presents and she did the same for me. (We had to stop that shite when we started to get WAY OLD but it went on for a while). Don’t get me wrong, I was surprised and touched, but also…she is part of the army of machine gun niceness so I didn’t faint from shock or anything.

Oh and by the way if you’re wondering what exactly that photo is supposed to be, it’s a birthday countdown giftie extravaganza. So from now until my birthday next month, I get to open a little something every day. Kind of like an advent calendar, except instead of each day getting you closer and closer to the birth of the baby Lordy, this one counts down to the birth of baby me. Which now that I think about it, might just be sacriligious. Any Lordy experts out there (of which I am not one) who are offended by my birthday advent calendar…oops. Sorry about that. See you in hell.


So the first day of my birthday calendar, I opened a teeny box, and it had a cute little present in it. Aw, sweet! Then, the second day, I opened up the next box, and there was a present from a TOTALLY DIFFERENT FRIEND. And then next day after that, something from another friend! And so on and so forth, hallelujah, praise my birthday.

See, that BioGirl, she had corralled ALL OF MY PEEPS, and they had each gotten me a little something. I am not talking about huge things. Just little, thoughtful, meaningful things. Many of them are notes that are for time spent with them later– like one says “I’m taking you to lunch at the Kingfish Cafe” or another one says “I’m taking you to ice cream” or whatever.

And you want to know something nuts? Every night, when I open one of these puppies, and I see yet another lovely name of a lovely friend who has done this? I mist up. Just a little. And I’m not a big crier, really. I just can’t get over the fact that people are THIS NICE. For no other reason than to just BE NICE.

Really, I can’t get over it. It’s so frickin’ awesome.

I think I need to throw a party for all these folks. I think they just might come.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Wow! That is a KILLER gift. Throw your party. The people will come. (But I admit that I think people come to my parties only because my husband is so damned charming. Not at all because of me. Maybe he should get me this awesome BG-style style gift to prove me wrong.)

  2. Well, I do mist up easily and your gift had tears in my eyes. What a nice gift. And, I am one of your lurkers. I have been reading you for just a little while and every day I am one of your clicks (that leaves a few for stalkers) and was wondering if all was well.I will say, I thought about writing, I really did but don’t know you well enough yet to inquire into your health. I figured your life was just busy.And, sometimes, I will read a blog and then they do not blog for a while and I realize I don’t miss them and I delete them from my blog list. But, nope not you. I’m happy to wait. Happy upcoming birthday.

  3. Dear Librarian Girl, regarding your opening question: I don’t believe that comedians in general said that; “Good Evening Ladies and Germs.” It was specifically Milton Berle. I never thought that line was that funny either, but M. B. did say many other funny things. — charlesm

  4. That is just the nicest thing I have heard in a long time. I wanna do that for someone.. I wanna be someone’s bio girl… now to figure out who!

  5. hang onto that BioGirl and all the rest of the contributors—they deserve a great party. and from how thoughtful and sweet those presents look, you must have done some great stuff to deserve a big bash yourself!and for the record, you’d totally have at least one comment that said “Please don’t go!”

  6. I’m another mostly-lurker, except I’m also a stalker , following you to GoodReads and all. I’d have been sad if you left, but I probably wouldn’t have said “please don’t go!” That sounds harsh, I know, but hear me out: if you had thought about it and made the decision to stop blogging for whatever reason, who am I to insinuate that your decision-making skills are faulty, when you don’t actually know me from a hole in the ground? If you wanted to hang it up, then hang it up, but if you keep doing it AFTER you decided to hang it up, you’ll just grow bitter and resentful anyway.This is why I’ve never understood companies that will increase someone’s pay and/or give them all kinds of bonuses to keep them after they’ve said “I got a better offer; I’m outta here.” Same logic.I sound mean, saying “well, fine, go!” but it’s just because I want you to do what’s best for you, not for me. I’d be bummed on the inside, though.Happy upcoming birthday!

  7. I’m just as paranoid and think exactly those types of thoughts. Maybe it is because we are librarians? Maybe it is some weird librarian thing where we think everyone really doesn’t like us as much as we like them and it makes us all screwy and second guessing why someone invited us to that 80s themed birthday party but forgot to tell us it was a COSTUME and when we got there we felt all weird and decided to say that we came from the future ala Michael J. Fox but it was lame but people were happy to see us anyway. To make a long (completely rambling unrelated) story short, a0 no you aren’t the only who thinks that way and b) thanks for writing this blog.

  8. That gift idea is fabulous and I will SO be borrowing it – and as a former steady blogger and one that plans on starting up again this month – the lack of comments, doesn’t mean people aren’t reading. It just means that we don’t always have something to add to what you wrote. We are here. I promise. And we thoroughly enjoy reading. We just don’t always feel like what we could comment is important enough to write. Keep it up!!!!

  9. please don’t go!Okay, now that that’s out of the way, that is the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT ever!! BioGirl rocks! I think the same way you do, always afraid no one will come to my parties. You definitely need to throw one, though, for all the peeps that contributed to your advent calender. How fun!

  10. You have awesome friends. I am glad!I so totally think the same crazy things, in spite of having awesome friends in my life, too. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one.

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