Photos Galore

“Cheddar Cheeses and Ocean Breezes…” –Caption of a flyer advertising the Oregon Coast, which does indeed offer up the heady mixture of Pacific Ocean waves and dairy farms.

Some photos.

Loading up the car in the city with all the essentials. (Beachy clothes, lots of tunes, and Smart Puffs).

After lunching in Portland, we stop off at the Tillamook Dairy…

where you can watch the cheese being made as if on Mister Rogers’ Picture Picture.

And enjoy fresh ice cream in an extremely scenic parking lot.

Add in some random pit stops where we wander around small towns on the way…

which totally pays off when we find something called “Dave’s Beaver Service.”

and we all run over to it to take pictures and giggle in a very mature way and then postulate theories on what services exactly Dave would be able to provide, especially with that big squeegee on the sign there.

Arrive with trepidation at the beach house that I was totally responsible for reserving and then breathe a sigh of relief when it isn’t a shithole that my friends will kick my ass for getting…

And when you step outside the door, it looks batshit beautiful.

And once you walk over the dune, you just want to run around all Chariots of Fire style.

And there’s a big effing rock in the ocean just giving you the finger each morning.

Here’s Neighbor B (still a bit sleep deprived), Baby Neighbor (the sleep depriverer), and that’s BioGirl on the side there, who by the looks of it, has been lasagna deprived.

While BioGirl and Neighbor J knitted, read and laptopped…

Nordic Boy and I spent our time doing much more important things…

We played a lot of pool too.

We also were outside a bunch, where we saw things like this come right out of the misty sea like a Decemberists song.

During low tide, the intertidals made us all walk with our heads to the ground…

where things are super sparkly…

and–what a coincidence!- we have a marine biologist in our midst to tell us what the hell we are looking at.



Mussel mania!

To be continued…

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Yeah, you really weren’t kidding about the photos. I’m surprised you weren’t more in depth.”This is what we had for lunch. This is where we slept. This is the toothbrush I used. Etc.”

  2. Dude I know -exactly- where that house is… my family goes to that spot (not that house, one in the same cluster, though) each Thanksgiving. There’s a great picture of my sister posed, kissing Godzilla (the unofficial name of that gorilla head looking rock).

  3. OK…I opened this to say my favorite part of the post is “batshit beautiful.”But then you made me picture you and your friends running along the beach to the Chariots theme, and that was awesome.And then the rock gave you the finger, and that was hilarious.And then you cited the Decemberists, and I loved you more than ever. So basically? Whole entry = fab. xo!

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