I haven’t been sleeping well lately, my friends. My Friendias.

I feel I have to explain that last thing I said there. In the Lord of the Rings movies, sometimes the characters call the wizard characters “mythrandia.” Isn’t that the most deliciously geeked out word you have ever heard? Doesn’t it make you want to dress up in plastic chain mail and go to the park and act out the Battle of Gethredion in front of the soccer moms who are walking by? I have no idea what mythrandia means. Still, I love it. There is something about not knowing what a word really means that makes you want to apply it to everything. So, sometimes, Nordic Boy and I will feign an Ian McKellan voice and say things like “Come and eat your dinner, MYTHRANDIA.” Hopefully it doesn’t mean Dickweed in Elvish or Hobbitish or Gandalfish or something. And sometimes, just to be kinder and gentler sounding, we change it up and say My Friendia. Like, when we watch the news and say things like, “The world is so jacked up, My Friendia.”

Anyway. Did I mention that I haven’t been sleeping well? I’m going to blame that last paragraph on sleep deprivation. In fact, I am going to blame this whole blog on sleep deprivation.

Let’s begin again. I have an announcement to make. Starting tomorrow, I am going on vacation. First, tomorrow, I shall run amok in my very own city. Then on Saturday, I am taking a road trip to the beaches of Oregon. And I VOW TO YOU that I am going to take photos. And post. Maybe daily. Dare I say daily? YES, I shall say it. POW!

Hey, here’s a disjointed thought, but when I said POW! it made me think of it. This will especially mean something to you if you grew up in the greater Detroit area in the 80s or 90s. And who out there reading this did that? Two people. (Hi Allison and Map). Back in the days of Commodore Vic-20s and Atari, there was this “video game” that would come on TV in the afterschool hours. It was called “TV POW.” On the screen, there were a couple of digital guns, and aliens or something would float down the screen, kind of like Space Invaders. Get this. You could call in to the tv station and play the video game over the phone. So you dialed in, and when it was your turn, the way that you would make the guns shoot is by saying the word “pow!” When you said “pow!” a gun would fire.

I don’t want to hear none of ya’ll talk about Old Skool. Because THAT is paleozoic, dig?

Basically, what kids would do is call in, and when it was their turn to go, they would just take a really deep breath, Pavoratti style, and let out one loud, incredibly long, uninterrupted string of pows with no space in between.


This was a SHOW. And we would watch it. My brother and I. And we never called in, but we always talked about doing so and how funny it would be to say something completely inappropriate on tv. It was, like, our big dream. To go on TV Pow and say “shitcakes!” or something like that.

That really makes me miss my brother. Is that weird?

I need a nap.

me and bro san fran
My brother and I, still rockin’. POW!

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. 1. I LOVE the languages they used in that movie. There is something about that “th” in the Elvish (?) language where your tongue goes between your teeth that is just so…I don’t know…cool.2. I think I have commented before here how my husband and I do the same kind of silly word/silly language stuff y’all do. And we have been together for 31 years. So this bodes well for your relationship.

  2. Have a fabby holiday! Hope you get your hot weather that you love so much.PS. When I saw the pic of the Golden Gate Bridge I gasped – OH – out loud in quiet libraryland, that bridge will do that everytime.

  3. Have a wonderful vacation! I’m so ready for one of those.And that pow game in Detroit? Sounds seriously strange. But I bet I would watch something like that had we been so fortunate to have it here in Atlanta.

  4. Oh my GOD…. POW! I had totally forgotten about that show!!! That was like the biggest blast from the past EVER. I remember sitting at home watching it and strategizing how I would say the pow’s if I called in. That is so trippy.Love the pic of you and your brother.

  5. You and your brother are totally hip. Do the kids still say hip? Well, you guys are whatever the kids say these days.Get some sleep.

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