You know what I love about summer? EVERYTHING.

This weekend was awesome. After work on Friday (wherein I cut my 62-item to-do list down to 32 items…BOOYAH) I went straight out to dinner with my friends L and R. Not only that, but I coaxed Nordic Boy off of the roof to actually attend with me. It was quite the event, as he hasn’t been off the roof for like, a month. (Well, he goes to work and he sleeps in the house, but other than that). It is like he is a reclusive celebrity these days. He doesn’t show up to normal things, unless he decides to put in an appearance. Some people have started to refer to him as my imaginary gentleman friend. But Friday he came out! In public! He IS real, he IS!

After dinner, we went for a walk, and then the pull of the roof was too much. He had to go back, like a moth to a flame.

He’ll be in his office.

So he dropped me off at Hopscotch‘s house where I whiled away the nighttime hours in a deliciously summery way. By this I mean that I sat outside, with no coat and was NOT COLD. For someone like me, who is cold a good 90% of my life, being able to sit outside in the nighttime air and feel perfectly comfortable is so delicious I could almost make myself cry over it.

Not really, but I was looking to make it sound as dramatic as possible so I thought I would talk about waterworks.

So, we sat outside and told funny/embarrassing stories (and I will have you know that two of my adorable friends have stories where they have lost their underwear in public places which to me sounds like a high ratio of people that I know who have done that) until the wee hours and it was summery and delicious. My friends are currently obsessed with cornhole, which they claim to be a Midwest past time, but as a bonafide Midwesterner I must say that I had never heard of this. Any Midwesterners reading this care to chime in?

I don’t know why I am fiddle-faddling about when the big news is all about Saturday. Saturday, my friends, I went to a Plane Pull Race. This, in case you didn’t know, is where teams of people line up and pull a gigantic plane and whoever goes the fastest, wins. How awesome is that? And you know what else? I TOOK PHOTOS.

First of all, Biology Girl and I drove down to Boeing Field, where the plane pulling was to happen. This is a good place to have it since, you know, it’s an air field and so they have planes there. Good thinking, plane pullers. The whole thing was a fundraiser for the King County chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Delium is a Big Brother to Little T and so a-plane-pulling he went.

Before the teams started, they had this one dude attempt to pull the plane BY HISSELF to break a world record. It was cree-azy. He put this harness on, grabbed the rope, and just pulled this plane around. How is this something that a person ends up doing with their life?

Then, it was time for the teams to start. The first team (20 people per team) went out there and they were the biggest, butchest motherflippers you have ever seen. Like, they had big necks and Popeye arms and stuff. And they did a lot of fist pumping in the air and WWE type noises. I was kind of scared of them. It took them two tries but they pulled the plane.

Next up was Delium’s team. His team was not American Gladiator-esque. They were the normal looking dudes team.

Look at them all normal dude-ish. That’s Little T in the front there.

They went out there, and you know what? They pulled that plane on the first try! No growling or fist pumps needed. It was quite exciting.

Contain yourself.

Here’s the kicker. As Delium’s team was lining up, I noticed something. One of the dudes on his team? Was JASON from the Bachelorette. So, all that time that was SUCKED out of my life watching that goddamn waste of a show and then hating myself for watching it afterwards TOTALLY PAID OFF. Because had I not watched it, I wouldn’t have recognized Jason. And had I not recognized Jason, I couldn’t have said “THAT’S JASON FROM THE BACHELORETTE!” all loud and crass like the uncouth social vagrant that I am. I may have even pointed at him. And taken a photo.

And we probably stared at him too.

So then, after that, BioGirl and I walked around the air field, where they had historic planes and cars on display for some reason. And one car (marked “Sheriff Car”) had this weird thing about it.

Hmmm. There’s something on the hood there.

Can someone please explain this one to me? Because what the hell?

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Somehow I had imagined that the plane-pullers would all be wearing harnesses. Like a team of ponies pulling a cart. But maybe that’s just because I read too many Victorian novels.I may have nightmares related to that last photo.

  2. 1. That plane is HUGE! Thank god for pictures, because I was initially imagining one of those two seater planes that rich people fly.2. As a Midwesterner, I have no idea what “cornhole” is. But I do love corn, and–fun fact–as a personal rule, in the game Apples to Apples, when I’m the judge I will automatically choose any card that has anything to do with corn.

  3. Never heard of “cornhole,” but when I asked my husband (he’s from Kansas), he went into this whole Beavis and Butthead rendition of Cornholio. Clearly he’s never heard of it either. Looks like a bean bag toss thing, which we do sometimes at my aunt’s house (she lives in Illinois but was born in Missouri like me). Our neighbors play something similar, but with washers. I think they call their game “washers”. Oh I have family that plays horseshoes. But cornhole, not so much. Go figure.

  4. I can’t speak for the entire midwest, but cornhole (or “Bags” as I came to know it) is HUGE in certain parts of Illinois—mostly among college fraternity boys and ex–college fraternity boys trying to keep that feeling of being a college fraternity boy alive. i’ve seen it as a beer-drinking afternoon/evening pastime (much like Beer Pong is in other places) both in Champaign as well as on the north side of Chicago, and most especially in the area near Wrigley Field, where you can walk down Sheffield and see people playing it in the alleys pretty much all the way down for a couple blocks. that’s just my experience, though.

  5. I’m a southern girl and therefore know nothing of this cornhole of which you speak. But we have cow tipping down here. Is that a national past time or just a southern thing?I love that you went to a plane pull. I’ve only been to tractor pulls which was pretty much an annual event when I used to spend a lot of summer vacation time in central Illinois while I was growing up.Also, you saw Jason in real life?!?! You’re so freaking lucky. I adored him and was so sad to see him upset when he wasn’t chosen at the end. But apparently he has forgotten all about Deanna and gone on to start pulling planes. Yay him! Way to get on with his life!

  6. when you said cornhole I thought something really dirty. Then clicked on the link and felt very ashamed of myself. He he. He he.Who am I kidding? Im still thinking dirty thoughts.

  7. Cornhole is in fact a real competitive game… I’ve typically seen it at fairs and on bar patios. There’s a cottage industry of folks who make custom-designed boards and bags. Some folks are ridiculously serious about it here in Indiana.

  8. 1) OMG Jason from the Bachelorette!!! That is awesome! I maybe sort of had a little crush on him. 2) Cornhole is big in Chicago, though not with me. :)3) I totally get Nordic Boy’s roof obsession. That is how I am with every new project I take on.4) Yay for not being cold!

  9. I have got to say that cornhole is extremely popular in Chicago (where I live) and Iowa City (where I used to live). In fact, there were courts (are they courts?) set up at Millennium Park and a huge competition was held at Soldier Field. I agree with cadiz12 that it seems to be particularly popular with the frat/frat grad crowd. I attribute that to 1) it is an outdoor activity, 2) one can play without setting one’s beer down, and 3) everyone is pretty much at the same skill level. I have a friend who was going to move out of his neighborhood because cornhole was starting to show up in the front lawns and he thought that would only bring bad news.

  10. Hmmm I’ve lived near Kansas City (the Missouri one) for over 30 years and had never hear of cornhole until I saw some weird commercial a couple weeks ago about it. I, like several others, was immediately reminded of Beavis and Butthead, and had to laugh. It’s never been big around here, but maybe it’s growing in popularity?

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