Ten Friday Things

Random pre-weekend thoughts.

By Librarian Girl.


1. I had a to-do list today that was fricking NUTSO. It had 62 items on it. All with deadlines. It shook me right in my gizzard.

2. When I was at work, there was this patron who was being a little flirty. Nothing offensive or anything, very harmless. He asked me to re-fill the copier paper for him (hello graduate school! look what I am doing with my life!), and I had to pull out this ream of paper. I guess I wasn’t particularly dainty when tearing off the outer covering of the ream. I just tore it off with both hands. So he goes (I think, trying to be funny) “I love the way you just TEAR THAT OFF.” Then he tried to laugh, and then he was embarrassed, and stopped laughing abruptly, and then I was embarrassed for him. Um, awkward. We didn’t make eye contact after that.

3. If anyone out there gives a rat’s ass about So You Think You Can Dance, can I just tell you that last night’s episode broke my heart? Damn voters. What are you, BLIND? There had to be a hanging chad mishap somewhere, I just know it.

4. I have been reading nothing but crap lately. Some of it good, cotton candy crap, and some of it just stankface crap. I am going on vacation next week and so I asked my most book-learniest pals to recommend me something MINDBOGGLINGLY good. And then I ordered all of it from my library. Now I have a delicious pile of friends-with-good-taste-approved books waiting to be snarfed down. Munch, munch, munch!

5. Biology Girl called me today just to confess that she was wearing socks with mules. In the privacy of her office only (she had to protect her feet from some sort of sciency chemicals that are used in her lab which sounds awfully sinister for marine biology if you ask me). I didn’t know what to say. It was like I should have assigned her some Hail Marys or something, but I’m not really qualified to do that.

6. I have an action-packed weekend coming up! And like a bad boyfriend who keeps promising you more romance, I am saying once again that I WILL TAKE PHOTOS! Really. I will. I’ve changed. Take me back. I mean it this time.

7. This week, on Project Runway, how awesome was it when that one contestant who looks like a forty-year-old Emily the Strange said that being sent home makes her “the biggest jackass of the nation”? It is, hands down, the quote of the week. If I had such a thing as a quote of the week.

8. Has anyone seen the short film “Green Porno” with Isabella Rossellini in it? YOU MUST SEE IT. That shit is trippy. She dresses up like different bugs and acts out the life cycle of said bugs. She pantomimes bug sex of all types. I watched the whole thing with my mouth hanging open. Whatever that illustrates.

9. I woke up at 4am this morning (have I ever told you that I am what is called a “troubled sleeper”? Oh yes. I am troubled.) and Nordic Boy half-woke-up, looked at me and said to himself “yep. still sweet” and then went back to sleep. Do you think he was talking about me? What happens on the day he wakes up and looks at me and says “nope. gone bad”? What THEN?

10. My new thing that I love to say? “THE END.” Said like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. Four syllables. Thuh-ee Ay-und! Nordic Boy and I say it for everything. Instead of goodnight, we say it. After dinner, we say it. We had a few friends over to watch Project Runway this week, and when they all walked out the door at the end of the night, we yelled it. It’s so mature. Indeed.

You know what I have to say about my work week?


Oh, and this.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Poor Will. But Nigel’s seal of approval is often the kiss of death on that show.I mean, not that I or my tivo would know anything about it.

  2. I would love to see how you tear things off LG. :-)My boss once told me that he thinks the most attractive combination a woman can have is really dark hair and blue eyes. Which is what I have. That was kind of awkward too.

  3. Thank god for the clip, LG. My imagination was not up to the task! I finally quit biting my nails when I worked in the marine chemistry lab. Nothing like the smell of old salt water (think rotting fish, with extra eeeewwww), acetone (nail polish remover) and sulfuric acid (I tried to keep it off my hands, mostly). Smell, ick. And it made holes in your clothes, too. What fun! Tracy

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