Things that don’t scare me but at all.

1. Most scary movies about the paranormal. Ghosts, goblins, monsters = snoozefest.
2. Mean patrons at the library who yell at me with rabid spittle flying out of their mouths because their copy of The Secret has a fifteen cent fine on it.
3. Spiders. I think they are cute.
4. Public speaking. Why are people scared of this? It’s just talking. Unless you’ve accidentally done a number two in front of a crowd while making a public address somewhere in your dark past, I don’t see where the fear comes in.
5. Thunder and lightning. LOVE THEM.
6. Flying. Every other negative feeling you could possibly feel about flying, I have. Rage, frustration, disgruntlement. Just not fear.

Things that do scare me.
1. When I am on Facebook, and the chat window pops up with on of my friends saying hi. It scares me every time. AAAHH! My computer is talking to me! It’s like War Games! Tic Tac Toe! Tic Tac Toe! Help! I know. It’s time for me to knock back some Geritol and calm down.
2. People I love getting sick or physically hurt. Bad health can be a super large pain in the hoohah and it’s the one thing that truly scares me.

That’s about it. Chat on Facebook and ill health. Those two things shiver me timbers.

Things that make me feel an impending sense of doom.

1. Pauly Shore.
2. Politics and the news, which I am also addicted to and can’t turn away from.
3. When I mean patron that I have dealt with before comes storming up to the reference desk.
4. Martha Stewart.

Things that initially fill me with anxiety but then after a minute I see that they are actually quite awesome.

1. Roller coasters.
2. Christopher Walken.
3. Sharks.
4. Tammy Faye Baker.
5. Musicals.
6. Shamrock shakes.

Things that don’t exactly scare me, but, when come upon unexpectedly, give me quite a jolt of something akin to “that just don’t seem right.”

1. Walking into my laundry and seeing this.

There are feet coming through my ceiling, people.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. i really don’t understand arachnophobia. H continually looks away from my face/the tv/a magazine to “just keep an eye on the spiders hanging around.” yeah, on the OUTSIDE of our window.

  2. Things that initially fill me with anxiety but then after a minute I see that they are actually quite awesome.6. Shamrock ShakesSo true!!!!

  3. Public speaking. It’s just talking.ha ha ha. You’re cute, in a disturbingly non-sympathetic way.I think it might have something to do with your personality, this inability to see how standing in front of a group of strangers to speak could be scary. You seem like an extremely confident person.Let’s see, worse than poop in your pants – being laughed at by the entire school auditorium when you miss a cue.Being told by your mother that you have an irritating, weak voice and maybe you should take voice lessons.Having breasts before anyone else in your peer group and being isolated/mocked accordingly. For years.And so on. There are tons of reasons why people are scared of things. Sometimes it’s hard to rationalize fear when you are in the midst of a panic attack, and if you know something is going to trigger a panic attack (oooh, try having one of those in front of a group of people! That might cause fear of public speaking too!), sometimes it’s easier to avoid.

  4. I have to half agree about Shamrock Shakes. They seem like a good idea, and they are for about 7 sips.But then after that they turn bad. Very bad.Wait, so am I completely disagreeing? I’m not really sure.

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