My Barbecue Tis Of Thee


I am tired today, because I had a blast on the 4th. An honest-to-goodness blast. Let’s talk about my day, shall we?

First of all, holy baby Jeebus swaddled in a manger, the place where I work? IS HELLA BIZZY. I have been away from my particular job, doing another particular job in another locale, for the past 9 months. Now I am back to my regular digs and I kind of forgot that my library location is busy. Very, very busy. We are talking crowds of people, swarming the library like we are giving away free stuff or something, which I suppose we are so it’s our own damn fault. I always hesitate to talk about how busy my workplace is to anyone, because let’s face it, everyone feels like their workplace is busy and so hearing about someone else’s busy really doesn’t amount to a hill of beandip. And I don’t mean that it’s busy in a poor me sort of way, because how tiresome is it to hear that? I just feel like I have jumped back into a race, that’s all. And when you’re in a race, having a break from that race feels EXTRY GOOD.

Hence, the Fourth of July.

To start off with, Nordic Boy continued peeling the old roofing off of the house yesterday. I actually traipsed up there a bit myself to witness some roof nudity. (The roof was nekkid, not us on the roof, just to be clear). I am more excited about having a new roof than I ever would have imagined I could be. I love how dang productive Nordic Boy is and how he starts a project and progress just happens. I come home each day and there’s more done! Lots more! Look at that! Time has elapsed and there is something to show for it! It’s very satisfying, because I get to see lots of progress without, you know, having to do any pesky work myself.

So I spent the early part of my day running water and snacks up and down the ladder, reading, taking a walk, watching a couple of Tivo’d episodes of Living Lohan while folding laundry, talking to the ‘rents on the phone. It was loverly.

Then I went over to a librarian bbq and caught some (very filtered, but still quite pleasant) sun. Nordic Boy could not be bothered to come down from the roof (it’s like he’s Rapunzel up there or something) so BioGirl and I headed over and had a grand old time. The highlight of that party was that my friend C revealed that she read my last blog post and she promised me that should she ever get married, she and her beloved bride would have little ol’ me as a bridesmaid. Could it be? My bridesmaid-free existence could come to an end, someday? ROCK ON.

(I have to add to this story that, in my excited state at this prospect, I blurted out that I would be more than willing to don whatever merengue-looking bridesmaid get-up that she would care to come up with. This statement made me catch a little bit of hell from BioGirl later, as I have specifically told her on multiple occasions that should she ever make me wear a hellish bridesmaid outfit, our very friendship may be in peril. After such harsh admonishment from me on this subject, hearing me offer up myself like a bridal paper doll to be swathed in as much taffeta and tulle as C could dish out was, I grant you, an almost mortal shock to poor BioGirl). Oops.

After that party, we caught up with Nordic Boy at another party, the pull of which was strong enough for his feet to get back on terra firma. This party was way awesome. You know how, in movies like Bridget Jones, or Four Weddings and a Funeral, or whatever, there are those parties with bosom pals and everyone is gorgeous and witty and busts their guts laughing at each other and you think, damn, I wish I had a group of friends like that?

I do. And they rock. And I crawled home at an ungodly hour and fell asleep instantly. And today the muscles in my stomach are sore from all the laughing we did.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Oooo, I need me one of those man things to do work around the house. 🙂 Oh, and I say if you’re going to make me wear an ugly bridesmaid dress? You better buy it for me. That’s the rule. And don’t say I can make it short and wear as a party dress. uh uh…not.possible.

  2. I’m anxiously anticipating photos when your friend decides to get married. I’m imagining something so poofy that it looks like it’s been inflated. Oh, and make sure nobody smokes around you – if one spark hits you, all that tulle will go up in a second.

  3. All right. Don’t care if we never met in person. After the total giggle fit, (hi *not* a giggler) I just had over your last couple posts…you can be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Wear blue. Any blue outfit. Should I sucker more than one person into being in the wedding party and wearing blue, I’ll just line you up darkest to lighest, (or vice versa, if I’ve had a few). No weddings in my immediate future though, but I do have an evite to a coed naked cheese race in my inbox. I have no idea what that is, or sadly, what to wear (hmmm, are the people naked or is the cheese naked?) Best Wishes from the East Coast!

  4. Whoa! The pressure to come up with a suitably astonishingly weird dress is on. Actually, I’d hoped you would bring your glamour to our otherwise, shall we say, casual, ensemble. Of course, I am from the South and you would just look so divine in a hoop skirt. Or since we’re moving to the islands (San Juans) on day, maybe an island theme? I’m guessing you would be altogether breathtaking in a grass skirt. Tell BiologyGirl she shoulda gotten her request in by now :)C

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