Hot Mess

Most of you that read this blog have never met me in person. There aren’t very many people that I know that read this blog. At least, I don’t think so. Every once in a while, someone I know will say something to me like “so, I read on your blog that…” and it never fails to make me go whaaat? Ex-squeeze me? (Hi, pop culture reference from 1994). It’s not that I mind anyone reading this or have any delusions about it being in any way a private venue for idle insane rantings or anything like that. It just throws me a little. It’s like, you guys are my blog friends and then there are my in-person friends and having you all at the same party is cool but strange. Do you have different groups of friends like that? Like, if they were to meet, it would wig you out just a little?

Anyhow, for those of you out there who DO know me in person, especially the local ones here in Seattle, I have a little message to send to all of you. Rather than telling each of you individually, let me lay it on you here, announcement-style, and call it covered. Kay?

I am really sorry that I am ridiculously, deliriously, maddeningly happy in hot weather. The girl can’t help it now.

I know that I am generally a happy sort anyhow, and that in and of itself may be slightly annoying, but my usual brand of happiness is, at least, quiet. Understated. It’s right there, under the surface, but I try to keep it low key, because there is nothing worse than an overly pepped up happy person, tooting their own glee every chance they get.

But in hot weather? It all comes out. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s the fact that I only get, all-told, maybe one full week a year when I get this much sun, and it makes my brain go a little haywire. And so, in weather that makes most people slow down and want to melt into a puddle, I am perfectly comfortable and ready to rock. And it causes awkward moments with all ya’ll that are miserable because you’re dehydrating up like a piece of human jerky.

So…sorry. Just, sorry.

In other news, you know what that crazy Nordic Boy has been up to lately? Tearing off the roof. I don’t mean that in some slangy 90s way. Raise the roof! The roof is on fire! Not like that. I mean literally. He is re-roofing the house. Because on a 90-degree day, what could be better than wrestling with roofing material and melty tar? Ah, refreshing.

I am excited about the new roofing we are getting, which will be eco-whatever (that’s a technical term) and reflect the sun and save us some Benjamins on the heating bill come winter. What I am not so excited about, however, is that right now? During the tearing out old roof phase? He is piling up the roofing discards in the front yard. As I sit in my living room right now, I look out the window and every few minutes a black, tar-filled, gooey mess flies down past my window. And I know we have to keep it there so that we can haul it to the recycling place all at once, but dang.

Remember how my yard, she is ugly? I finally got the portion that used to look like this…
bald front yard

To look like this…
Ok so it’s not that different, but just humor me.

And was going to move on to the next part, near the house. But I am glad I didn’t now, because the front yard is jacked. And smells like tar. And is kind of scary looking. It looks like the Blob is eating our house.

Welcome to my lovely home.

Nothing can phase me though, not even a hideous, trash-filled yard. If the temperature dips though, I will have to go apeshit.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Ooooh! Love the tar pile. I have a similar pile of giant chunks of concrete which used to be our sidewalk in my backyard. Gotta love the rubble!

  2. -I think your yard looks great.-I think Nordic Boy is a little crazy to be roofing in the heat.-I love heat as well, however, I HATE bugs, and seeing that the two go hand in hand, I spend my time outside in the summer with the help of Ativan.-Ex-Squeeze Me? Baking Powder? God Bless Wayne’s World.

  3. Perhaps I should consider moving to Seattle some day. I start hating the weather here in Atlanta at the end of April and I start liking it again around mid-October. I cannot take hot weather.

  4. I have different circles of friends that should NOT meet. Once I made the mistake of trying to get them to all socialize at my birthday party, and they formed little clicks! CLICKS! The I had to babysit each click all night. Yeows. Nice yard (before) 🙂 and thanks for the support about moving uptown/midtown.. It is nice, innit?

  5. Why has Nordic Boy not started his own construction company by now?Fo serious. From what I’ve read on these posts I’d let me redo my home (that is, if I owned a home).

  6. Love the yard! And the blob adds interest…not every yard has a blob. Mine had The Little Shop of Horrors plant, but instead of a venus flytrap, it’s a sunflower. scary. And if you like hot weather? Move to Texas…I promise you’ll run screaming in a matter of weeks. 🙂

  7. I am a blog lurker here usually (blurker?) but I feel compelled to say:I just moved to Seattle, and I too enjoyed the hot weather we had. Hope we have some more! And no more hail while Nordic Boy is working on the roof.

  8. your yard is beautiful! in the first picture i was hating the rocks and in the second i was all “ooh – look at the nice rocks in her garden”. it’s amazing how you can make things prettier just by putting plants next to them. i was reading an article on eco-roofs and got all excited about planting grass on a roof like the new ballard library. that would be so cool! and it helps with rain run-off or something.

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