Sunshine Shoes

I feel totally high right now. You know why?


We have had two, count ’em TWO, glorious days of sunshine, right in a row. It is too exciting to bear. I am going to make this one quick since I have to clear my schedule for traipsing around in the sunlight and thawing the hell out.

Remember how I told you that my friends, Hopscotch and Rambo, recently got hitched? And how my hiney was in motion on the reception dance floor in celebratory glee? I have a post script to that story.

So picture me, busting a move in the middle of a crowd of wedding guests of all ages. Are you picturing it? I don’t feel like you are really picturing it. PICTURE IT.

In the midst of this crowd of dancers, there were these two teeny little girls. They were wee ones after my own heart, as they were dancing it up just as hard as their little legs could go. But then, you know what happened?

They saw my shoes. My lovely, delicious sunshiney shoes.


They both, simultaneously, got down on their little round bellies, crawled toward my dancing feet, and started to worship the shoes.

I had to stop dancing and stand there for a minute. They both just melted there on the floor in front of me. They reached out with both hands, and petted my shoes. For a good long minute. Pet pet. Pretty pretty. Pet pet. Shoooooooz.

Everyone laughed. My friends snapped photos of this. And the kiddies just stared and petted. Not to be interrupted. Eventually, I had to stop the madness and I just sort of gently withdrew from the little hands.

I have been told I have nice shoes before. But this? This is getting ridiculous.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. LG, if I saw you in those shoes, I’d be tempted to pet them, too. Plus, with the timing of it, that was probably the most sunshine those girls had seen in *months* at that point. Was it the shoes or the sunshineyness of the shoes?

  2. That looks to me like a most gojus outfit you are rockin there. I totally get the shoe worship thing, I do it all the time, usually on the Jimmy Choo website. I’m never going to be able to afford them but that doesn’t mean I can’t drool…

  3. Those girls are going to grow up and remember when this fantastic woman with beautiful shoes changed their life (and their wardrobe!) forever. And then pass that story on to their children and their children’s children. And then it will become a modern day folk tale. (For the record, I would probably pet them too. Very cute.)

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