You May Call Me Your Highness

Nordic Boy doesn’t really have any goopy nicknames for me. There was a phase where he called me Mushmouth because of the way I trip over my words when I am excited about something. And he calls me “Cool Breeze” a lot for some inexplicable reason (as in “what’s up, Cool Breeze?”) but I couldn’t really tell you why. Maybe because I am cold alla time? And he also calls me “Chuckles” a lot, because, you know, I can get the giggles something awful. And the only time he says it is when I am in a fit of laughter, and I can’t stop, and he doesn’t quite get what the heck is so dang funny (this happens pretty regularly) and he’ll just say in a wry sort of way “laugh it up, Chuckles.” Oh, and sometimes he calls me birdie, or sweetie. I guess that is a little goopy, but on the scale of disgustingness, that’s not so bad, right? No sugarlips, no snookums, no snugglebunny, no nothing like that. And you all know how I feel about the word “poopsie” so that is out.

Well, get this. The other night? Nordic Boy fell asleep as I was reading in bed. I read for about an hour, and then I turned out the light. In his sleep, he turned toward me, put his hand on my hip, and said the following quite clearly.

“Goodnight Candy Princess.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Candy Princess? What the heck is THAT? It’s so…I don’t know…My Little Pony-esque.

I am sure he would be so overjoyed that I am sharing this with you, by the way. But I can’t keep it in. It’s too GOOD.

In other news, can I mention to you that my friends and I are friggin’ geniuses? We need to be officially designated as a Think Tank. Behold the lively conversation.

Me: I was driving over by Magnuson Park today, and there was pollen flying around over there the size of cotton balls! It was like pollen snow. It was nuts.

Nordic Boy: (doing a weird King Tut head bob)

Me: What is that? A dance?

Nordic Boy: No. I was dodging the pollen. Like, the pollen balls are so big, you have to navigate through them. Like that. (King Tut head again).

Me: That should be, like, the next big thing in video games.

Biology Girl: Yeah, like the Wii. But instead of a hand controller, you put this controller thing on like headgear.

Me: And the screen has pollen coming at you, and you have to not get hit by it!

Nordic Boy: It would be called POLLEN DODGER.

Biology Girl: And the goal of the game would be to get through all the pollen, and at the end, you get to save CANDY PRINCESS.

Me: Ha ha ha!
Her: Ha ha ha!
Nordic Boy: (embarrassed silence)

I’m out,
Candy Princess


  1. My boyf calls me Sweet Baby Rainbow.Or SBR.Or S Baby R.There is also an extended theme song that goes with this name.I don’t know where it came from. Anyone who knows me would not peg me as a Sweet Baby Rainbow. But it has stuck longer than any of his hundreds of nicknames for me.

  2. AHAHAHA Silly Nordic Boy – he should know that girls talk.My husband has a few for me…Mostly ‘honey’, but his favorite is ‘Chester’. I’m sure you can figure THAT one out.I much prefer Candy Princess.

  3. On a candy-realated note, my husband started calling me his sweet nougat early on in the courtship. That sort of morphed into nugget, which has stuck. Candy Princess is AWESOME! One time in my husband’s sleep, he said “fiddly-foo, doot-doot-ty-doo!” I was glad to be awake for that, and it is now a phrase we use often in conversation!

  4. i have a new name for my bf every day. the one that randomly came out of my mouth this morning wasn’t the most complimentary so he stopped in mid-stride and stared at me for a moment with a confused look.

  5. Could Nordic boy be any funnier in his sleep? Between the candy princess comment and the famous yelling incident… man. He’s funny all the time!

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