Late Night With McFly

I am here today to proclaim something. Ready? This I do proclaimeth to thee:

I will not talk about the rainy weather for the REST OF THE SUMMER.

Because man. Us Seattle people? We can talk about the rainy weather. Especially in June. Constantly. It’s like how LA people always talk about traffic and New York people always talk about how New York is better than everywhere else, and how Chicago people talk about where they had their last John Cusack sighting. We have to talk about rain in June! Like we have never seen rain in June before!

The thing is, it rains in June every year. Summer doesn’t really start here until late June or early July. And even then it is a mild summer with rainy days thrown in. But yet, every year, we all whip ourselves into a frenzy because OH MY GOD IT IS RAINING IN JUNE. It is June Rain Amnesia. And I am guilty of it and so I shall not mention it on this here blog for the rest of the summer. Deal?

In other news, yesterday I was so tired I felt like I had a hangover. And this time, it wasn’t because of insomnia. It was because of Michael J. Fox.

Nordic Boy was out of town and so I had the house to myself on Monday night. And so I did what any former Women’s Studies major would do on such an evening alone. I watched the Bachelorette on tv. And it was a two hour episode. The shame! The dirty, disgusting shame. Why do I watch things that are guaranteed to annoy the everloving jeebus out of me? WHY? I think it is maybe because I want someone to talk to, and there is nothing that will get me talking like an episode of the Bachelorette. It is prime talking-back-to-the-tv fodder.

Anyhoo. After that I should have just thrown in the towel and went to bed. But I didn’t. Instead, I perused my Tivo Suggestions. And you know what was on there? Teen Wolf, starring Alex P. Keaton and Frances from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure! What could I do? It was right there! I had to say YES PLEASE. And I sat there and watched the whole thing. And stayed up way too late. And felt like a zombie for the rest of the next day.

This whole responsible adult thing is such a charade.

Last night, I could have had a repeat performance of the Tivo Suggestions Monster, but I was saved by Hopscotch, who came over and graciously indulged me with actual human conversation. This was lucky, as I had a fresh recording of “Some Like It Hot” simmering in the Tivo box and I could have so easily gone there.

See, when there are other people present, they can lure me away from the Tivo Suggestion Monster. Like last weekend?

Me: (turning on the Tivo) Oh my god.
Nordic Boy: What?
Me: (overcome with excitement) LOOK what is on the Tivo!
NB: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?
Me: SWEET. Let’s watch it!
NB: I’m sorry. I can’t.
Me: What, are you busy?
NB: No. I just…can’t.
Me: But it’s DON KNOTTS! Mr. Furley! Bugging out for two hours straight!
NB: Exactly. I can’t do that.
Me: Oh. Really?
NB: Really. I just can’t do it.
Me: Aw, fine.

My friends and Nordic Boy help me with these boundaries. It’s good, because otherwise, I may never sleep again.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. i feel the same way. In the last two weeks, H and i tore through Seasons 1 and 2 of 30 Rock and will probably start on The Office if no one stages an intervention.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog. Today you made me squeal out loud. Because Ghost and Mr. Chicken? Is straight out awesome.I swear by all that is holy that if we ever renew our vows, I am so walking down the aisle to the organ music from that movie.

  3. I watched the Bachelorette too. Let me know if you want to talk about it.My Tivo apparently thinks I would love to watch American Chopper. And every court show on television: Judge Judy, Judge Alex Brown, etc.

  4. But didn’t it SNOW in MAY? That is not ok. And we haven’t had near as much nice weather as we did last year by this time.I’m just sayin’… I need some sun.

  5. sometimes you just have to draw the line somewhere :)I got Sergio to tune in to Forensic Files every night. It’s a matter of time before he has enough of my morbid TV watching habits.

  6. As for the rain – well, I’ll live in the great white north. Winter usually starts around the end of October & people start driving like they’re drunken 10 year olds with blindfolds on. Drives me crazy every damn year.One more thing…. God Bless TiVo.Amen.

  7. PBS always plays Rick Steves Europe late at night and I will admit that there have been many mornings when I’m half asleep at work because I stayed up until 2am watching frickin Rick Steves. Now that is lame.Good luck with the rain!

  8. I only knew that it rained so much in Seattle from Grey’s Anatomy cos McSteamy was asking if it ‘ever stops raining in this town?’ Hope you haven’t been caught out by the whole wrong shoe/bad weather thing that always happens to me…

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