Script This

It has been the rainiest days ever the past couple of days. And not just the regular misty moisty (hey, remember that song?) Seattle style rain. This is more the pouring down rain where you actually need an umbrella ella ella when you go outside. It’s serious damp out there.

I had this meeting this morning, where I had to talk almost non-stop for over three hours. There are very, very few people that I would want to listen to for three hours and my name is not on that short list. SHUT UP SHUT THE HELL UP is usually how I feel when there is an overabundance of blah blah blah. And when it’s me doing the blah blahing it is no different. So, for the rest of the day, I was craving a nice tall forty ounce of shut up juice.

This week has seemed longer than all get out and my mind is kind of mushy. Not mushy like in smoochy but mushy as in creamed corn. Did I really need to clarify the style of mushy? Was that condescending to you, my darling blog friends, who can surely understand via context what sort of mush was intended? Sorry.

At the risk of sounding Ramtha, I have been surrounded by lots of negative energy lately. I am usually pretty Teflon-ish when it comes to such things because, you know, whatever. But today, it totally made me tired. My Teflon wears a little thin. But what can you do, right? The only thing you can do is make a gansta style statement that is just this side of nonsensical but all the hip hop stars do it so it must mean something right? So, let’s try it. Let’s make a statement about negative crap.

Yo, I just gotta keep it postive through all the haters, cuz. All this negativity is just a way for the suckas to keep me down and I ain’t havin’ that. It’s all about postivity and that’s real, son. As long as I’m keepin’ it on the positive tip and keepin the hustle goin then there ain’t no room for negativity in my life. Ima just do my thang.

Wow, you know what? That kind of works. Scary.

Is there a script somewhere that hip hop artists follow? Because they all say that. Just like all professional sports coaches say this in the locker room after a game is lost.

Well we went out there and did our best but today the other team just played a better game because you know we started out playing hard but we were down a couple of players and that really hurt us in the end. We’re gonna have to regroup and come out fighting next week and I think we’re gonna do that because we have a strong team and we’re gonna come out on top but we made some mistakes out there today and we’re gonna have to deal with that.

REALLY. It’s like a SCRIPT. Handed out in coach school.

You know what I think? I think librarians need to have a canned statement to make after a hard days work of librarianing. So when we leave the library each night and the papparazzi stuff their microphones in our faces (as they do) asking us for a statement, we will be prepared.


Well we started out strong today with a string of reference questions answered but then a committee meeting came up and we just lost our footing for a moment but we recovered during lunch when my salad was full of crispy postivity. We dodged some dicey situations in the afterschool hours and could have given up but we came through and finished clean with a batch of new books and some witty repartee. Peace.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Negative energy has been upon me like a cloak & I’m trying to beat it off with a stick. It’s working, but I’m kinda bruised.p.s. Sorry I’ve been MIA – Hope all is well with you. :o)

  2. I love the canned librarian statement! Imagine if we had a librarian locker room where we could meet the press and lift books and watch footage of our reference skills. Hope all the negative energy is subsiding yo.

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