Reception’s Jumpin’

I went and saw my two beloved friends (and superhero librarians), Hopscotch and Rambo get all hitched up and legal-like married this weekend. A grand time was had by all. It was rockin’, which was wholly appropriate since that’s what they are. I wish I could show you all the photos I took of Hopscotch looking all Grace Kelly hott in her wedding dress, but that would be overstepping her privacy so you all will just have to glean it from this backend photo and then take my word for it. Girl was smokin’.

hopscotch one
Rambo was pretty too.

The ceremony was touching, the toasts were full of love, the food was delish, the cake (in this case, a tower of donuts) was loverly, the company was to die for. I could wax poetic about all of them in detail. But what I want to talk about right now? Is the dancing.

I am a BIG FAN of wedding reception dancing. Always have been. It is one of the few things that I immediately list off when asked about what my favorite things are. It is, I am convinced, the best venue for getting your booty in a groove. It’s just… awesome. There are a few things that make it particularly sweet.

1. Intergenerational dance moves. Where else in your life are you going to be dancing around with every age demographic? Granny is busting a move! Look at the toddler over there, kicking it pogo style! There were parents with babes in arms, feeling the beat to “PYT” by Michael Jackson. There were preteens learning why “Kiss” by Prince is worth dancing to. Everyone. Together. Acting silly as can be. I love it.

2. Celebrating the cheeze. I love cheezy music. And for some reason, people at weddings let go of all pretentions and let the music play no matter where it falls on the velveeta scale. They don’t try to play it cool with only the songs that indie insiders know. They play Heart, and MC Hammer, and Chubby Freakin’ Checker. They just put songs on and let it rip. No one rolls their eyes, no one is too cool for skool. (I have to throw in the caveat that Hopscotch and Rambo are not pretentious anyway, in any part of their lives, so this part was kind of moot for them. I’m just speaking in general).

3. All styles of dance welcome. No one cares if you’re not looking cool. NO ONE. I busted out the ROGER RABBIT, people. Yes, I did. Multiple times.

4. True testing of universality of music. One thing I love to do at wedding receptions is to see which songs make everyone stop dancing and which songs bring everyone out on the floor. There is always a few clunkers but usually just one mega hit, and you can never tell what it might be. At this wedding? The hit was Bust A Move by Young MC. No one could resist it. NO ONE. Ok smarty, go to a party…

I have a rep in my circle of friends. That rep is that I close down the dance floor at wedding receptions. You know how, at the end of the reception, there are still like, two or three people that REFUSE TO STOP? They dance their hineys off long after everyone else is so over it? I am so that girl. Don’t hate. Congratulate.

dance floor

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. That is an excellent analysis of why wedding reception dancing rocks. Why no pictures of you busting the Roger Rabbit??! πŸ™‚

  2. I love this and agree one-hundred percent! This makes me super-d-duper excited for my own wedding reception coming up in three months!

  3. yay! a blog post about wedding dancing! you rock! please tell me they played “celebration” by kool and the gang. that is my fave wedding song. it makes everyone happy. my bf just won’t grace the dancefloor though. i told him – it doesn’t matter how badly people dance at weddings. that’s the beauty of it. most people are drunk anyway. and the intergenerational dancing – wow! that part of your post killed me! too funny.

  4. wonderful post!! i immediately flashbacked to all my (many) cousins’ weddings…The Poynter Sisters get everyone onto the floor at our occasions “We Are Family”

  5. That is a gorgeous dress (and a gorgeous tux?) And amen to the wedding dancing love. (That’s one of my “interests” on facebook :)) I may get made fun of for my dancing everywhere else in this world, but at a wedding, my dancing means I’m the life of the party. I even love that stupid chicken dance. Great post πŸ™‚

  6. I bartended for a while for an agency, and they’d send us out to country clubs, hotels, private parties, wherever. I never got tired of the cheesy wedding songs – I LOVED to see everyone out on the floor. “Celebration”, “Electric Slide”, and “You Look Wonderful Tonight” were probably the top 3 songs, played at every reception.Tip your bartender! πŸ˜‰

  7. Congrats to Hopscotch and Rambo!One of my absolute favorite memories from my wedding was when EVERYONE was out on the dance floor rocking out to “OPP.” My mom and his mom were both screaming, “You down wit OPP? Yeah, you know me!” Totally awesome.

  8. Oh. You would have loved my wedding reception. The band left at 1 and the dancing continued until 5. My wedding album is FULL of dance floor pictures. Including a few where my Uncle hit the floor with about 6 of my girl friends. He gets around in a wheelchair. I love dancing at weddings!

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