Here’s what’s new with me lately.

People have been saying weird stuff to me this week. Like, on the street. Living in an urban environment, getting weird stuff said to you by strangers is not necessarily a new thing, but the quantity this week? Has been high. For instance, the other day I was walking along with my iPod in my ears. I happened to turn my head to the right, and caught this dude looking at me as he was riding his bike in the bike lane. You know what he says? “BOO!” Like a Casper the Too-Friendly Ghost thing. How is that something that you say? Then, I had a patron who I was doing some lengthy research for thank me by saying “I appreciate it, snickerdoodle.” This person had acted totally normal up until that point, and then busts out with snickerdoodle. Who DOES that?

I was flipping channels the other day, and I expended angry emotion at Bret Michaels. And it wasn’t for overuse of pancake make-up either. For some reason, in that moment, I was supremely insulted that Bret was trying to convince me that he was really truly LOOKING FOR LOVE. Like he is really looking for love! Come on! Is anyone on earth buying the premise? Jeez. Now why this all of a sudden made me mad I cannot tell you, but what can I say? I’m just feeling my feelings, people.

In other news, my beloved Nordic Boy was sick this week. Selfishly, this was nice for me because he didn’t have to go on any biznazz trips. I’m not saying that I want him to be sick, because that would be evil. And you know what else? Nordic Boy, when left to his own devices and in control of the remote, watches Brainy Television. Hours of it. I mean, I watch my share of things that will enrich my brain, but let’s face it, lots of times I am watching reruns of the Munsters or something. But this week, every time I turned around it was science and history and shit. Now I feel bad for the hours of Beauty and Geek I have made him watch.

At the library, there are little kid behaviors that I find myself extremely envious of. Like how kids will just lie down on the floor, like, whenever they friggin’ feel like it. And how some of them wear capes in public. And how they get transported around in strollers or red wagons. So jealous.

Also! I am going on a trip back to the Midwest next week. I have to get some sun, and this spring has been CRAP on the west coast. Anyone want me to send them a postcard? I totally will. Email me your mailing address and I will try and find the cheeziest Michigan postcard that you can imagine. I don’t think they make postcards of my hometown, but I’ll come up with something.

I talked to Alli today. She reminded me of this post I wrote a while ago. I cracked myself up with that one. Mainly because I didn’t really have to write anything. The photos alone were enough.

That’s all that’s in my brain today, fellas.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. I collect postcards from foreign countries, and Michigan totally counts, right? Right? Though it may be too close to Iowa to truly count. Ah well, have fun. Snickerdoodle. HA. Shoulda told him, “No problem, muffin.”

  2. oh. my gosh. Snickerdoodle could well have been in that autograph book. Maybe it was someone who knew you when? AND you totally *are* a sweet, etc. person.Did you guys have slam books? Where you had a page labeled “food” and everyone wrote their favorite food; then “song”, “TV show”, “movie”… and you’d write someone’s name at the top of the page, and people would write what they thought of that person? I hadn’t thought of those… since I made them, I guess, until I saw your autograph book. Thanks for the laughs.LYLAS,Not Poopy

  3. Oh my gosh! I totally don’t live in a huge city, so being accosted by weirdos is especially weird for me, and the other day some guy stepped right in front of my sister and I while we were strolling the mall and called out, “Smile!” Um, sorry, dude, that we weren’t happy enough for you. Srsly, what is wrong with people?!

  4. I am so tempted to have you send me a postcard. It would be awesome, like getting an autographed picture or a letter from your favorite author–which none of the authors I wrote to ever did. Punks, all of them.

  5. Yippee! You just gave me an idea for a post tonight about an incredibly odd lady standing in line behind me at the ATM last weekend. She whispered the weirdest stuff in my ear the whole time. Snickerdoodle is a rather odd thing to call a stranger.

  6. I just had a woman (maybe in her 70s) come in to the library and everytime I handed her her computer printouts, she’d let loose with “Goodie gumdrops!” Seemed normal in every other way. It was actually pretty cute and I couldn’t help casually wandering into the back room to laugh.

  7. Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies–tasty and easy to make.Hope Nordic Boy is feeling better, and your quest for sun is successful!–hangin’ in rainy eastern MA

  8. The only reason little kids lay down on the floor whenever they want is because they don’t yet have the sense to think to themselves, “Eww. Who knows what’s been on this floor.”

  9. I’d love a postcard LG but it seems awfully cheeky to ask you to mail to the UK. Maybe you can do a virtual one instead for those of us who live on distant shores? I get weird people saying stuff to me on a daily basis. It’s the number 36 bus, truly, it’s full of the odd peeps. Happy trippy!

  10. Kids totally don’t appreciate how good they have it. If someone would push me around in a stroller, cook for me, not allow me to eat ass-enlarging junk, do my laundry, and make me go to bed early, I’d be a happy woman.Enjoy the sun. It’s finally made an appearance here, but it’s friggin’ cold!

  11. How odd? Snickerdoodle? I love looking back at old yearbooks and autograph books. I have an entry in one of my yearbooks that I can’t decipher. It’s in code, seriously.LYLAS, totally bringing it back.

  12. Hee hee, snickerdoodle. That’s especially funny since you don’t even do the cutesy nicknames with Nordic Boy!I envy the kid behavior, too! Why don’t I get pushed around in a stroller??

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