turn and face the strange

Hmmm, there’s something different around here. Have I packed on a couple extra pounds? Is it a new outfit? Have I started using the gradual coloring of Just for Men products? What ever could it be?

Oh, my yes. It’s a new look for this little blog of mine, which I am gonna let shine. How nice of you to notice.

You know what I did, after realizing that I wanted a little blog lift? Did I get off my Hillary Duff and do something about it? Brainstorm, make something, start with the re-designing? No I did not. What I did do was whine just a tad about how I wanted my blog to be more a reflection of me, but that I didn’t actually want to DO anything about it, and my whining reached the ears of my two lovely and talented friends. I kind of knew this would happen, as all of my friends are lovely and talented, and helpful to boot, and so when talents are needed, I send out the whiny Bat-signal and they come to my rescue.

First of all, Neighbor J mentioned while we were hanging out last weekend that she just might like to design me a header. This made me really ecstatic cuz in my opinion there ain’t nobody more genius at illustration and graphic skeelz than Neighbor J, whether I know them personally or not. And, within 24 hours (and that is saying something because she has her own actual paying graphic design to be doing with deadlines and stuff plus oh yeah she is taking care of a teeny tiny cute as a button baby girl so um, she’s kind of busy) she had whipped up that hunk of deliciousness up there. And it is so awesome, because it is SO ME, and only someone who knows me the way she does could have come up with such a thing.

Then, my whining beacon reached the ears of my friend Josh over at Berg with Fries. He also had contacted me right away after hearing of my blah-ness and offered to help. So he (within an hour) did the rest for me. He took time, out of his day being the co-boss-man of the most awesome and super Boys from Jupiter (you should totally hire them for all your design needs) to help me out. Because he is a superstar like that.

I realize that what this whole post is revealing to you is that my friends are Class A ridiculous great people who help their friends out no matter how annoying they are and that I am a Class A lazy effer who relies on said great people. But I have to call it what it is. They are awesome and I am lazy. And as you can tell from the beauteousness of this blog, this set up TOTALLY WORKS FOR ME.

Oh, and also? I have another talented and lovely pal, Neighbor B (hubby of Neighbor J) who has started his very own tech blog where he outlines tech DIY type goodness. I will be the first to admit to you that it is a blog that I have very little understanding of, as it goes way over my head with the smartyness, but if you are a tech type and a DIY type, Neighbor B is your type of peeps and you should go read his blog. He’s good people, and way brainy.

My friends rock, dude.
I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Wowee Zowee! (And I don’t use that term lightly…) The fabulous results of Neighbor J and Berg’s artistic efforts almost make me want to start my own blog, just so I can have it look pretty. It’s a good thing some people just have to do everything with style…

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