Say My Name Say My Name

Did anyone watch “Girlicious” out there? Anyone at all? Because I watched every single episode, without fail. I liked it, I am not gonna lie. I just feel like I have to confess that. I don’t know much about what defines a sin, but liking Girlicious has to rate on that scale somewhere. Ok, now I can move on.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Should I change the name of my blog? I am feeling an itch to do it and on many levels, I don’t like to itch. I also want to change how it looks. It’s time for a new outfit, is what I keep thinking. Maybe. I can’t decide.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been writing under this blog shingle for a while now (jeez louise, it’s been over two years!), and when I started it, I just did what I typically do with this blog. I blurted it all out. Including the name. I didn’t think, I just did. Live in the now, man. That’s what I did. Only, you know why I named it what I named it? It was just because I couldn’t think of anything else. And you know, is this blog really librarian-ish enough? Or pop culture-ish enough? Or am I just engaging in false advertising? I don’t know. It was either that or call it…what? I didn’t have any ideas. I still don’t, really.

The other thing is, I’m not the only blogger out there who’s calling herself the pop culture librarian. There are others. I am not going to say that they are all people who want to emulate yours truly because the name is really too generic to claim ownership, you know? And besides, who knows? There was probably a pop culture librarian before me too so I can’t bitch about the people who come after me. It’s like, if you’re naming your kid John, you can’t get mad at other people for naming their kids John too. If you wanted something original, then name your kid Moon Unit or Dweezil or something.

And besides, I have all this fear that if I change my blog name, then all of a sudden people will be incapacitated and not update their readers and links and all such like and I will suddenly lose touch with all my bloggie friends out there. I’m not calling you all a bunch of lazy slobs or anything, but my abandonment issues can get the best of me in almost any situation.

I don’t know. I guess since I have no ideas about what to rename myself, then I should just shut up about it. The blog re-design though. I could get behind that I suppose. But again. Do I have any ideas of what I want this thing to look like? Nope. I just want it to be different, and something I like, and enough with this crap blogger template. (Hi Blogger company! Heart you!) Any of you want to give me some suggestions? What do you think a blog like mine should look like? I seriously do have the itch for changing this up, and I need some blog itch ointment, you know what I’m saying?

That was a totally disgusting metaphor.

Shutting up now,
Librarian Girl


  1. I thought I was the only one watching Girlicious! I am so glad I can share my shame with you. Does that Robin think she is the SHIT or what? I loved how Christina and Natalie were both literally shaking during the last episode. Anyway, there’s always just Librarian Girl-simple yet still totally identified with you and only you…

  2. Ok, anyone who references Moon Unit and Dweezil is plenty Pop Culturally to have that as their name! But if you did change your name or whatever, I’d try to be non-lazy and update. Maybe.

  3. but you CAN change the name of the blog without changing the URL – so don’t worry about messing up folks’ rss feed. Your URL is different from the blog name of Pop Culture Librarian, which is different from what you call yourself, Librarian Girl.And what with all the Zappa and the LHOTP and Girlicious and….I think you’re fairly safe with the pop culture moniker.

  4. As far as I’m concerned you’re the one and only pop culture librarian! If you want to change the name or even more I’ll follow don’t worry! Maybe add some pop colors? like that blue that’s in right now? or orange something with pop! something that says “jazz hands”! ok maybe not

  5. I hear you about the ‘librarianish’ issue. I get accused of being “WAAAAY OT” from time to time and I’m like, “Oh? Was there a topic?”Change the blog name as you wish, or keep it.

  6. Is it bad that I’ve never even *heard* of Girlicious? See…you ARE full of pop culture! 🙂 Don’t worry, if you change your name/URL I’ll follow! (that sounded so stalkerish!)

  7. i know the feeling; i wish i hadn’t named my blog/url/handle in a fit of frustration and kept at least two of them the same. if you really want to switch it up, just do it: just give people plenty of notice and maybe keep this place around with a link to the new one. that said, every time i feel like changing something about my blog, i make a few tiny cosmetic changes and then feel happy enough to leave it at that. i’m looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  8. I don’t know what that Girlicious is but it sounds like something I would enjoy watching! Would I be right in assuming that it’s trash tv? I say go for it with the makeover. I can’t believe other people took your blog name though! How very dare they :o)

  9. I’ve never heard of Girlicious either. I thought perhaps Atlanta was just way behind and it hadn’t come to our tv’s yet. However, I just asked my co-worker if she’s heard of it and she told me her 12 year old son used to watch it all the time. I’m not sure what that says about y’all or what it says about him.I’ll also follow you if you change your name. I don’t come here for your name…I come here because you da’ bomb!

  10. Oh Daahling you are the only bad ass on a big wheel with style, no one can touch that. All others can try but you are the best. I’ll dig you no matter what changes you make.

  11. Okay so your posts aren’t “all pop culture, all the time!” You’re a bit more subtle with your pop culture reference–a trace of Girlicious here, a smidge of winnie the pooh there. And I like that 🙂 Also, if you google “Pop Culture Librarian,” you’re the first hit. I think that speaks volumes. But, if you need a change, I’ll adjust 🙂

  12. Girlicious is such a guilty pleasure. I don’t watch every episode but when I am flipping channels and it is on, I just can’t look away. So-and-so #1, you really can dance, but your vocals aren’t so strong. So-and-so #2, your vocals are amazing, but I’m not sure that you are in touch w/ your inner sex kitten. The debate goes on…

  13. GURL…you betta get to nominatin’ yourself for my 100 most beautiful librarians! you ARE girlicious!xo,WDL

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