What about the chaparral?

I made it back from California safe and sound, no worse for wear except that my body may be permanently molded into a driving position. Even though I was gone for only a few days, the things I missed were strong. They included:

1. The overabundance of green in my state.
2. My own bed.
3. You, my blog friends.

See how I come back and feel all guilty for not blogging and so I start right in with the sucking up?

Nordic Boy and I woke up bright and early last Thursday and hightailed it out of town on our way to get BioGirl and move her ass back up to Seattle. This trip was highly anticipated not only because we were both ridickerous excited to have our friend back in town all permanent like, but also because I haven’t had a vacation in almost two years. TWO YEARS, people. One fifth of a decade. Sick and wrong and I urge all of you to not let this happen to you. Take vacations! It’s good for you! You relax and see new things and learn things you didn’t know before.

Like? The fact that Nordic Boy and specific terminology, they are friendly with one another.


Nordic Boy: Hopefully the sun will come out this afternoon. I think I see some patches of blue sky up ahead.
Me: Where?
Nordic Boy: Just up over that set of bluffs there.
Me: Bluffs? That’s funny.
Nordic Boy: What? They are bluffs, right?
Me: Yeah. But that’s just a word that you would read in a book or something. Who really says the word “bluffs” in conversation?
Nordic Boy: Just me, I guess.

(Later, still driving)
Nordic Boy: That’s pretty over there. The big expanse of grass meadow and then the group of trees bunched up in the middle. It looks so cool with the wide open space and then the thicket in the middle.
Me: Did you just say thicket?
Nordic Boy: Yeah.
Me: That is so… Bambi.
Nordic Boy: What?
Me: Bambi was born in a thicket. That is the full extent of my knowledge on thickets. But here you are, pointing one out. Huh.

(Later, still more driving)
Me: Wow, look at those wildflowers over there.
Nordic Boy: You’d think they’d have a hard time growing there, it being all shadowy in the hollow and all.
Me: Stop it. You did not just say “in the hollow.”
Nordic Boy: What is with you? It IS a hollow.
Me: What are you, Winnie the Pooh?
Nordic Boy: Sigh.

(Driving into California)
Me: There doesn’t seem to be much of a shoulder on this part of the freeway. I wonder what people do if they have to pull over?
Him: They probably just have to haul their car into the culvert there.
Me: Ok. This really has to stop. The CULVERT?
Him: Yes. The culvert. Right there.
Me: What the heck is a culvert?
Him: A drain. That’s at a right angle to the road.
Me: You are so making that up. About the right angle.

(By the way, I looked it up. He’s not making it up).

Take vacations people. You will learn so much.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Wow, that *was* a lot of driving! Or, maybe you just had those conversations really close together.Yay! for you & bio-girl being in the same vicinity! Friends ftw!

  2. i had one of my southern california teens tell me how horrible her recent trip to new hampshire was because it was “so green” there. i told her she was an evil desert child and that it was not normal to dislike lush landscapes.

  3. Welcome back! I cannot believe that was your first vacation in two years!!! Woo hoo for getting away :)In Wisconsin, we have a state park called Kettle Moraine that apparently refers to the landscape. I do not know what either a kettle or moraine is, exactly, but perhaps Nordic Boy does.

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