The word of the day is “random”. For some reason, I can’t seem to focus on any one thought so you’re going to get a big, fat, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of guest post out of me. It’s Ali here in case you’re wondering. Ready!? OK!!

I love Oprah. Now, some of you might say, that’s no big revelation. Millions of people the world over love Oprah. But I mean I really LOVE Oprah. I DVR the show, I watch it, I take notes. I’ve been to the show. I DVR’d that show I was on and I show everyone who enters my home the half a millisecond shot of me in the audience. Dr. Oz has got me looking at my poop to see what letter of the alphabet it resembles! Ok people. Do you get it yet? I am a proud Oprah follower and I don’t proudly follow anyone. But that’s not really the shocker. As much as I love Oprah, my husband (we’ll call him Man of Song) HATES Oprah. I mean he really can’t stand Oprah. It runs deeeeeeeeeep his dislike. Deee-eep. He is like violently opposed to her. He leaves the room when I start watching. So there it is. I feel so much better now.

Sort of confession numero B: I’m addicted to American Idol. Who’s with me? I know you’re out there. Weren’t you sad when Chickezie got voted off last week? You know you were. That damn Kristy Lee has got to go. Shall we start a petition right here on my favorite blog? I’m not sure Librarian Girl would approve.

Next up…. Leave it to Beaver. Were the 50s really like that? I mean the other day I was watching an episode and Beaver lied to his classmates and said he owned a bird, because he was embarrassed that he was the only kid in the class who didn’t have a pet. So, Ward went out at night to find Beaver a bird to take to class for show and tell. The big crazy thing about this story, as portrayed on the show, was that Ward was out AFTER DARK looking for said bird. Are you kidding me? People never went out after dark in the 50s? Can that be true? Or was that just Hollywood shiznit? And what’s with June always wearing a pearl necklace? Now, Librarian Girl would say I should ask myself that same question. Apparently I wore pearls quite a lot in high school. Apparently more than is normal for a high school aged girl. You know what just occurred to me? Pearl necklaces. A kid named Beaver?! Who wrote that show!? Dirty birdies! I’m surprised Wally’s name wasn’t Woody. Heh heh.

Speaking of going out after dark, did you see I Am Legend? That shit freaked my shit out. Those dark seekers? Whoa. All that screaming and transparent skin was waaaaaaaaaaay too much for me to handle. It freaked me out so badly that I couldn’t get it outta my head when I went to bed that night. That never happens to me. Of course Man of Song thought it would be funny to keep reminding me about it all night so I couldn’t possibly move on to something more pleasant in my last waking hours. He cracks himself up. So what did we do the very next day, you ask? We watched it again! Why? Why did we do that? Cause we’re asses that’s why. Big dumb asses.
OK. That’s all I got. I’m plum tuckered out. Parched I tell ya!

Congrats Biology Girl! Can’t wait to hear all about the road trip back from CA. I’m sure there will be good stories to tell! Thanks for letting me guest blog Librarian Girl : )


  1. Ali, you crack my shit up! You should totally start your own blog! Great post, and I totally agree about Leave It To Beaver! Haaaa.xoNeighbor J

  2. I’m pretty sure Leave it to Beaver was roughly based on my family. Mom dressed up for dinner, Dad wore a hat whenever he left the house, no one went out after dark or called on the (party line) phone after seven unless someone wad dead.Interestingly, none of the kids got married and had a traditional family.

  3. my boyfriend is doing whatever it takes to try and get me hooked on American Idol. It’s not working, sad to say. He was really sad to see Chikeze go, though, so you’re not alone.

  4. My mom tapes Oprah and sends them to me in the mail–usually the episodes are about how I can meet a man and why I am still single. Thus, I have some major issues with Oprah. Also, what claudia wore is a hoot (truly, a hoot… and I never say hoot)

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