The Josh Speaks

When Librarian Girl asked me to be her guest blogger I was honored, but also a little bit afraid – similar to the feeling I had when my 9th grade history teacher told me that he thought I should take the government class he was also offering. On one hand I was glad he thought I was smart. On the other hand, well, I actually wasn’t that smart. But after mulling over LG’s offer I pushed my worries aside. After all, I’ve been writing my own blog for more than six years. Surely one entry wouldn’t be all that hard. But how would I ensure that I was carrying on the legacy of the pop culture librarian? In other words, how would I make sure I didn’t become that singer that joins the band and ruins everything? Well I assure you folks that just because I’m replacing Natalie Merchant, I’m no Mary Ramsey.

Of course I planned on following in LG’s footsteps and starting out my post with some engaging and slightly dramatic opening like “Okay people, have you ever had one of those days where you look like Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman even though you feel more like the dude on the cover of the Scorpion’s 1979 album Lovedrive? Well let me tell you people, that is how I feel today!”

Then, following suit, I’d throw in hoards of pop culture references (like that little 10,000 Maniacs bon mot you just experienced, as well as the Scorpion album mention). That’s right, I’ll be dropping pop culture references like they’re hot and I’m the fire fighter who appeared in the calendar as Mr. August (the hottest month, btw), here to put out those flames.

I could also give all my friends fun names like Nordic Boy and Biology Girl. I think my friends would get the names The Redhead, Art School Dropout and Chill Style.

And then once I reached the end I’d wrap it up nicely with something like “I guess I was pretty crazy when I was 12. Fo sho!

Kiss the rings, I’m out!”

This may sound like a walk in the park, but I promise you it’s not all sunshine and random Gilmore Girls quotes (“Copperboom!”). Take the word of someone who knows, being LG is like being Green. It’s not easy.


  1. I CANNOT believe you just used the Kermit reference about being green. I just wrote a post with that same reference. It’s truly a small blog world, isn’t it? I added you to my Google Reader after perusing your blog. Thanks for filling in for Library Girl. We librarians can always use some help in the stacks.

  2. I know Mary Ramsey, and you, sir, are no Mary Ramsey.(No, I really do… we grew up together. She’s a super sweet person. And anyway, it’s true what we’ve all heard: Natalie’s a complete b’yatch.) k8

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