Blogsitters on Deck

It’s just about time for me to jump in the car and hightail it to California! I have spent the last 24 hours doing such things as working, running around town searching for a good brown shirtdress which I somehow got into my head I wanted to have for my trip but the ones I was seeing were just not good enough because I had a vision in my head for what I wanted, and shivering while hoping to high heaven that California will be warmer than 40 degrees.

While I am gone, I didn’t want to leave the bloggie unattended so I asked some of my peeps to babysit it for me. So for the next few posts you will be hearing from the following fine blog scribes. I have no idea what any of them might say and so this will be interesting.

1. Josh, my blog friend who does live action book reviews on his blog (librarian brownie points for sure) and who never fails to make me chortle. Yes, I said chortle. He is such a card.

2. Hopscotch, my neighbor and fellow librarian who still likes me even though I demanded a brownie from her once in a most rube like manner.

3. Alli, who never fails to say something hilariously embarrassing about me because she’s known me since kindergarten and has seen me in all sorts of stupid situations. I can’t tell you how much I love this about her. She keeps me honest.

4. Neighbor J, also a keeper of my secrets and one of the few people that can make me almost throw up from laughing. True friendship, that.

With that, I release my blog to this cadre of pals, to dish up whatever they would like to say. I’ll be reading from the road!

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Hope you’re having a great trip. I totally buy clothes for vacation which I wear once and then never wear again (because the real world me certainly doesn’t wear patterned baby doll sundresses and floppy hats…)

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