Much Ado About Goose Egg

I know you all are totally hung over from celebrating Millard Fillmore and suchlike, aren’t you? I knew it. President’s Day is way raucous that way.

The big news over here is that this weekend the temperature went up into the upper 50s. And of course, as people here do whenever that happens this time of year, there was much gallavanting about in flipflops and shorts. Not me, folks. First of all, my inner thermometer was telling me that there was no way that it was that warm. Second of all, I do not bust out the summer wear until it is at least 65 degrees.

Here’s my problem this week. I have nothing to say. Nothing. My motor mouth has a problem with its spark plugs. Does that metaphor even make sense? I really should stay away from car references, as the only types of cars I really understand are the ones that Fred Flintstone drives, where his feet stick out the bottom and he’s just running around town. (How idiotic is that, by the way?) I’m just saying. I am all out of blogging material. The reason being that I am working, working, working, and none of that has been blogworthy and Nordic Boy is on a business trip all week so I have no stories to tell you about him, and I didn’t do one social thing all weekend, so I am just one boring mothereffer today. I could regale you with my feelings on the Snoop Dogg reality show, or how I went bra shopping yesterday, or how I went for a walk around my city on Sunday and Monday that were over three hours long each day just for the hell of it, but really? That’s the best I can do?

So. Yeah. Hi.

(crickets chirping in the background)

Remember, a long time ago, you guys all commented and asked me questions? Remember that? That was so fun, right? You have been dying to do that again, I can just tell.

Ok so maybe you haven’t been wanting to do that. But please. Help a girl out, will you? I need fodder. So come on, bring it. Ax me a question. My brain, she is busted. I am always a little scared to do this whole Ask Librarian Girl thing, as it’s like inviting people to a party and then what if no one comes? What if no one gives a rat’s ass about asking me anything? Then I get to look like a big asshole. You know what I mean? It’s like asking me to do a Trust Fall. And I don’t do Trust Falls, people. Ever.

So, comment or email me and I will answer all, much like Miss Cleo. Except I can’t tell the future, and I am not Jamaican, and I won’t charge you by the minute. And I look stupid in a do-rag.

I’m out,
Librarian Girl


  1. Hey, Library lady, it is Palindrome. Mr. Fargo and I were discussing the movie Jumper on the way to work. Basically, the guy has the ability to jump through space and be anywhere. You know, breakfast in a Paris cafe, a hike in Rockies, a nap on a beach in Aruba, dinner in Rome, etc. No time travel appears to be involved. We discussed how we would have spent the day with such a talent. This also then led to the rule that this is a talent you will retain for some time so as not to try and cram all world travel in a 24-hour period. Like what would a typically Saturday involve? Your thoughts? By the way, I hear the movie sucks.

  2. Love your blog, been lurking for months. So are you and Nordic boy married or just cohabitating? You may have posted it sometime back but how/when did you meet? Curious minds need to know!

  3. Dearest LG,I sure do notice that different music changes my mood in different ways. Golly! I just have to ask – what kinds of music can affect your mood for better or worse?I’m super duper excited for your reply! Gee wiz!Your Pal,Berg

  4. I have struggled for half my life trying to figure out what I want to do for a living, until reading here, and you reminded me of my love for the library and all things brainy, and I think I might want to be LG2. do you love working in libraryland? what does it take to be a librarian? is there a dark, seedy underbelly that no one knows about? do you feel strange, knowing that you may have inspired a stranger to change their careerpath?

  5. A few questions:1) Do you ever have the impulse to talk like a gangsta in real life? 2) When did you live in Madison (WI)? Or did you just visit?

  6. I rushed over here to tell you that I will have a question! I will! I just have to think of a good one, and don’t worry, people love you and care about asking you questions. And then I got here and there are already many questions including one from someone who wants to be JUST LIKE YOU WHEN SHE GROWS UP, and how can I top that? I hope you are feeling the Love.Regardless, I will have a question. Soon. Right now late, brain no more workie.

  7. What is the most amusing thing someone has ever asked you to research?I feel the need to ask you a pop-culture-ish question too. Um, what TV show is better: Who’s the Boss or Full House?

  8. Landed in your blog thru Teej’s ! Actually I have a question that I have been asking myself a lot lately..- are wannabe writers allowed to or supposed to have writer’s block ?and I love everything about the library! the smell the sound the scene

  9. Tell me about something that you deeply anticipated, and then were bitterly disappointed. Like Ralphie and the Orphan Annie secrete decoder ring.xo,WDL

  10. I have the perfect blog topic for you: that thing I tagged you for awhile back!All the cool kids are doin’ it.Other than that, I’m with barb. Let’s hear about Nordic Boy.

  11. If you could physically transport yourself to any place in the world at this moment, where would you go?Are there people you envy enough to want to trade lives with them? Who are they?If you could eliminate any one type of insect permanently from the earth, what would you get rid of? (totally roaches for me!)that’s all for now!

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